Totally Human

I’m not magic, I make mistakes. I say silly things and get myself in knots over unimportant stuff. I am human without the super.

This morning I woke up and looked out of the window. PMS plus rain plus a bit of a funk and I got dressed in my office clothes. Opportunity knocked in the form of the father in law coming for the child and I slouched to the door to answer “any chance of a lift?”.

I am in an odd kind of funk. My weight has been stable since January, no small triumph in itself but it also leaves me months short of my target. It’s time to start moving again, can someone give me a push?

So yes, I might love the bike. I love my family too but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to scream and shout at them and occasionally dream of running away never to be seen again.

So yes,once again. I am just this person. You are just that person. I promise you, anything I do, on or off the bike, so can you. You just have to want to enough

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6 Comments on “Totally Human”

  1. danny winthorpe Says:

    We all feel that way sometimes,you might be doing too much,
    let your body recover,pamper yourself now and again,
    Regarding a push,
    my weight stayed the same no matter what I did,I joined fat fighters and cant thank them enough, it just helped me focus,
    I think you have done great ,a non smoking,healthy,fit young woman What more could you ask for (except legs like mine haha)

    • notthewowy Says:

      Oh I don’t doubt it. I’m just going through a phase where I don’t want to cook, which means I eat crap and fruit. Happens every time I work at the takeaway.

      Truth be told I’m just pointing out that I’m not supergirl, that it doesn’t always come easy to me. That if I can’t be arsed then it’s not the end of the world. I’m also pointing out that I’m not some perpetual grinning idiot despite what some people seem to think.

      Oh yeah, and that it’s that time of the month and I’m always a bit Jeckyl and Hyde about now. Do you know how much I value your encouragement and support Danny?

  2. Absolutely correct mate. It doesn’t matter what our circumstances, be it family, work, finance even to a certain extent our health. The only battle to be fought and won is with our own mind. Everything else is irrelevant. I’ve been weight static for 5 weeks now, looking back over my blogs I can see that this used to be a source of great angst, not anymore. If we just keep on keeping on we’ll win eventually. That’s the thing I had to get straight in my head.

  3. Joby Says:

    Balls to your weight!

    Compared to this time last year there is no comparision so why I even wrote this sentence is beyond me.

    I completely lost focus with cycling and became obsessed with weighloss. This ruined my cycling and my attitude towards everything.

    Static weigh is good. It doesn’t matter if your 6lbs behind target or 2 stone behind target. Your weight isn’t going up (and if it does, its by a couple of lbs). Your fitter and healthier. You’ll live longer for your kids. Simples.

  4. Les Says:

    Carrie my oldest Daughter suffers very much so with PMS she as to put her life on hold for a few days which isnt nice.Some mon ths r okish but some r a nightmare for her and it breaks my heart coz there is nothing I can do other than be there for her.
    TBH until me and Tammi was reunited I didn’t realise how bad PMS could be which shows how ignorant my knowledge is.

    But in saying all that I bet if u look back when you started all this u never thought you would be doing 50 mile plus rides and has Joby said you are fitter and healthier which is all that matters.

    Sorry bout the essay mate.

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