Names to Faces

This morning I had the total pleasure of leaving the child at nursery at 7:40 and being at work at 8:05! Yay me. The day just improved from there. Waiting outside at home time was my favourite friend And. The plan was to go for a bit of a ride and then to swing by the start of the Barnesbury time trial where Danny would hand over a donation of pedals for me. The ride was lovely, the sun was shining and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was nice to chat to Andy too. Anyway… plans and all that.

Danny turned over the pedals, I turned around and there’s Andy. Danny and Alan had persuaded him to give it a bash too. I had to stay for that. So I had a pleasant sit on a wall watching the riders set off and waiting for them to return. Well, long and the short of it, Andy made it round in pretty good time for his first ever time trial. Well done And, I’m proud of you. My turn next huh?

It was also interesting to see riders that I haven’t actually met in person. It was nice to shake hands with the people that make facebooking fun. So a special Hi to Paul Atkinson and Andy Fuller, it was a pleasure to shake both of your hands.

If anyone would like to see the photos just click


OOp, edited to add Thanks to the lovely Alan Holmes for giving me a lift home and saving my skin. 🙂

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6 Comments on “Names to Faces”

  1. danny winthorpe Says:

    Thanks for your support tonight,and respect to Andy it takes guts to put a number on you back for the first time 🙂

  2. Andy Says:

    I thought you weren’t a morning person?

    That was good fun. Yes, you should give it a go. I was dead last by a minute, but do I care? Do I bolleurquez! 🙂

  3. lost Says:

    Well done And. It certainly takes some guts to slap on that number for your first TT – I’m ‘still’ trying to find where I left my guts, so I can enter a TT myself. Keep telling myself it’ll happen one day……

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