Ouch OUch OUCH

Yesterday I was a gal with a plan.. Get a lift to Pont, ride with the Vags to Stannington then go home from there. I couldn’t do it, the weather was too good and the company too nice. I rode back to Pont where the Lovely Super Al gave me a lift home. Why did I need to get a shorter run in? The household cyclist had signed us both up for the Wansbeck CC’s first annual (hopefully) reliability ride. I was very very nervous and apprehensive and needed fresh legs to stand a hope of just making it round. so yes, a lovely 27 miles yesterday. How about today?  

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Well, the day started badly and pretty much went downhill from there. First there was the mysterious disappearance of the shed keys, you know, the shed where the bikes live… cue ransacking of the house and ingenious use of kitchen knife to get into the shed.. Then there was shouting and whinging and bitching on the ride to Morpeth to meet the other riders. We were in the slow group (of course we were) so had to set off early. Eight riders including us set off out of Morpeth (route here http://j.mp/9KHa0p ) and there was hell. Pretty much 30 or so miles of me being left behind on the interminable UPs. Sick as a dog and cursing myself and everyone else for biting off more than I could chew. I did not enjoy the ride to Bellingham, well, that’s not strictly true, I did enjoy the trip down the Ryals and I remembered my promise to myself to not brake the next time I tried it. 50 mph down the Ryals, now that is my idea of fun :). At Whygate the group turned off to put a loop in. Taking pity on me they sent us the more direct route. Riding with just the household cyclist and myself was somewhat more enjoyable, there was less pressure to keep up and it was nice to enjoy a rare ride out with my far more experienced husband. The stop at the cafe was interesting, soup, a sandwich and a cuppa were included in the entry.

Nice little interlude, it was good to talk to the other riders (we totalled 16 in all) and the food was pretty good (random cafe in a library in Bellingham?) but coming out for the return leg and the weather had made a turn for the evil. Great. Now we were heading towards Redesmouth and up something they referred to as Vomit Pass. That.Was.Torture. Big thanks to Michael Maley both for the very much appreciated babysit and especially for not talking to me. I cannot climb and talk without the urge to murder. Actually, I cannot climb anyway. oh well. That was torture. Evil, Evil torture. At the top someone had the bright idea of telling me that it was all downhill after than. Aye, right, across a rolling moor into a headwind in the driving drizzle. Blummin liars. There was at some point a moment where just myself and the Household Cyclist were well off the back and I stopped and refused to go on, I genuinely thought I had nothing left to give and I was scared and very very frustrated at myself. Why can’t I do up? why? ARRGGGhhhh. Turns out I was full of manure, I got a telling from the Household Cyclist and carry on I did. On through Cambo, into Mitford, on the flat I was much happier, riding at 20 mph or thereabouts. The Household Cyclist tells me that’s a respectable pace but what good is that if I’m dropped on every hill? Up Dogger Bank and into Morpeth. Done, finished. Mr Iain Bolton kindly offered me a lift home and most of the next 7 miles were spent cold and wet wondering why I didn’t take it. Sounds like the day from hell to me.

Home after a hot bath and a bar of chocolate I feel a little different. It definitely was a very very difficult and frustrating day for me. I definitely was the weakest rider there. I definitely hurt now. I certainly bit off more than I could chew.

But see, I made it round. And home. As the Household Cyclist kept pointing out I’ve only been a cyclist for six or seven months and the frustration is just the stubbornness that drives me on. Not oy was today the longest ride of my life but it contained 2700 foot of up. 2700 foot that I did. The elevation graph seems to show the climb out of Bellingham as 1100 foot. I’ll post it as soon as figure out how to upload it (anybody know? I’m using Cyclemeter).

There were histrionics from me, there were lazer stares and general ill humour, there were fallings out with the Household Cyclist, there were swears at everyone and everything but I am glad I tried. I’m sure I should feel proud but that driven stubbornness means I just don’t feel like a good enough cyclist yet. Next year I will be ready…

Oh, and the keys were in the Junior Cyclist’s old trike outside, little begger. 😀


Dist     77.52

Time   6.10.49

Ave     12.5

Max     50

Edited to add: It was a good route, it was me that wasnt good enough, thanks to the Wanny CC for going to all that work. Keep it up 🙂

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10 Comments on “Ouch OUch OUCH”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Sounds like an interesting day, I’m beginning to be thankful I didn’t have a bike to sign up with as I definately would have been way at the back. But it sure sounds good and if they do one next year I will try my best to be on it. I drove a few of the roads that were on your route, saw a few cyclists but don’t think they were part of the group, I never ran anyone over so that was a good thing 🙂

    • notthewowy Says:

      Yes, it is considered bad form to run over the cyclists! Lol. It was hard work but I think I got out of it more than I put in. The frustration was entirely with myself and the unrealistic expectations I have of myself. The groups were small and quite strung out so you may have passed us. Cheers Phil

  2. Jacky Durand Says:

    It was a difficult route, some very difficult weather conditions!

    • notthewowy Says:

      It was difficult. Very difficult, the route was difficult, the weather was difficult and most of all the hills were difficult, very very difficult.

  3. Les Says:

    Dist 77.52

    Time 6.10.49

    Ave 12.5

    Max 50
    Only bin cycling for 6 or 7 months that is excellent stuff to me mate,I completed 22 miles Sunday I was over the moon but the weather helped it was very hot and sunny down here, but compared to u I am a wimp keep it up Carrie ure doing brill mate

  4. Phill Says:

    I felt a bit like that on my Gisburn ride on Sunday. The two lads I was with were both much fitter than me and on the first climb thy left me for dead. In fact, when I reached the top I had to stop and was convinced that my breakfast was headed floorward. Things got slghtly better through the day but it was properly disheartening at first!
    Oh well…. just got to keep going!

  5. trio25 Says:

    You really are an inspiration!

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