Not so mystery bruise

I woke up yesterday morning surprisingly unsore. Went to the bathroom and discovered this huge bruise on my calf. Hmm. Wonder how that got there? It’s oddly pedal shaped… Oh well. It’s healing already.

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8 Comments on “Not so mystery bruise”

  1. Les Says:

    Pedals can be a pain walking out of work this morning managed to wack my ankle with the pedal, its not like I don’t know its there lol

  2. redbikes Says:

    I always seem to manage a large graze/cut that takes months to heal instead of bruise. It’s all of those sharp little pins that get me.

  3. lost Says:

    Same here! Got a couple of nice scars on my leg from a pedal attack.

    Pedal wounds are part of the territory 😉

    • notthewowy Says:

      Aye, the pedals that came with the hybrid had the pins, I have a lovely scar from trying to save the neice in the baby seat from hitting the deck.

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