The Fastest 10 Miles of My Life (Bowk Free)

I didn’t bowk.

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But not for the want of trying. Get a good look at that slideshow..Pretty soon you are going to see my behind covered by a number! Second big event in one week. I just entered and finished the Barnesbury 10 mile club time trial. And survived. Quite a time line eh:

July 09, size 22 sofa dweller

August 09, 14 mile commute 4 times a week

October 09, club cyclist in training

March 10, member of 2 clubs

April 10, first reliability ride, first time trial.

No denying it now eh? I’m a cyclist. Want to hear how it went?

It was nerve racking lets be honest. I decided a day or two ago to just turn up sign on and go for it and that’s mostly what I did with Simon and Andy’s support. I kept it under my hat mostly to keep the nerves under control. My god that was scary.

Big thanks to Lucy Sill for her last minute tips and it seems she turned up just to support me mostly because Simon can’t keep his gob shut…Anyway..

Here comes my turn, Andy was number 9 and me number 10.

Countdown time… was weird sitting there clipped in while some stranger holds you upright GO GO GO.. Christ this is the longest 10 miles of my life. I really didn’t know if I had it in me to push for 10 miles, especially when most of that was on the A1. It was hard work, my legs ached and the wind was blowing and people kept passing me… coming to the turn I heard a whumph whumph and a “dig in” from Danny. That was very much appreciated but I was digging in. digging in bigly. All of my concentration was directed at my legs right now and I can’t describe how hard that was or how painful. Torture is my favourite word this week… why on earth was I smiling then?

On the return coming up the evil up on the slip road my legs wouldn’t push… I was slowing slowing slowing and I couldn’t get out of the saddle. I’m glad I listen when people talk… take it easy, don’t worry about it… so I did. 6mph up that hill but at the top I could push now on my sore old legs… and here I’d thought I was about to blow… I barely looked at my clock but there was a time trial bike passed me here and I set my eyes on him and pushed, hard, nearly there now… GGGRRRAAAAGGGGHHH. 20..23….. men in tabards, me shouting “10” and that was it. Done.

Brain of mush, big grin and shaking for a long while but so what. I did it.. The fastest 10 miles of my life. I don’t think I could have been happier but I was wrong. Upon my return home I was presented with a bunch of roses and a bottle of Cotes De Rhone so here’s to me and here’s to you… Let’s see what I can do next huh?

Hey, anyone wanna tell me how their first one went?

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20 Comments on “The Fastest 10 Miles of My Life (Bowk Free)”

  1. lost Says:

    Wow! Good on ya girl!!

    Any idea on what your time was? Or don’t you care?!

    How’d the boys do?

  2. Christine Gilligan Says:


  3. PhilR Says:

    Nice one, well done. Now you have a time to beat on your next one 😀

  4. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Alan Says:

    You were grinning like a Cheshire Cat when you finished. Didn’t even look tired so there is more in the tank to give.

  6. Joby Says:

    Excellent time that – well done.

  7. Suzanne Says:

    Well done Carrie!!!! You did brilliantly well 😀

    There’s no stopping you now!

  8. Les Says:

    Well dun Carrie the real proper cyclist

  9. Phill Says:

    Brilliant! Just. Brilliant! (Said like Paul Whitehouse all those years ago) 🙂

  10. trio25 Says:


    I did a club 10 in 2008, on my to do list for this year again!

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