Stripy Carrie

I’ve had quite a month week day.

At the start of the month I decided to keep track of the miles, how awfully organised of me. As it stands right now I’ve cycled 435.29 miles this month over some 34 hours. That’s just in April, kinda makes me wish I’d started keeping track right at the beginning. oh well.

This morning I woke up too early with the slight muzzyness that comes from accidently finishing a nice bottle of cotes de rhone and then falling asleep without drinking my water bottle. ugh, coffee and ham and cheese sandwich with a bit of facebook. It was cold this morning so the tights went on over my shorts with a long sleeve jersey over my new Vags jersey, I was bored so I set off a little early. By lucky chance so had And and we met at the petrol station at Stannington Station. Andy had planned a change of route in and it felt weird to be upsetting the saturday routine but it was a nice change and oddly enough the same length as the usual route.

The sun was starting to peep out as we set off for the ride. It was a nice route that seemed well planned and a lot of fun. The group was small enough to enjoy the crack but I had to stop to remove my jacket. Then at the cafe stop I removed my tights. What a gorgeous day it was turning out to be. Shame I’d not put on any sunblock..

The pace riding back was a little faster and we arrived back at Annas sooner than I hoped, I was having too much fun. There was more to come, the Ryton Tri 2up time trial was about to start. It was great to watch and cheer on some of my buddies.

I really enjoy the rides too and from home more and more. I seem to push myself harder when I’m alone. I like the contemplation time,the sound of my breath, the sound of my bike. Arriving home shattered and lying in the bath I realised I had rather strange lines on my arms and legs. Nope, that wasn’t muck, it was a never wearing a short skirt or sleeveless top the things we do for cycling ruddy great tan line. Im still pale white but the difference is irritating.

Saturday. Same every week, love a bit of routine. Love my bike, love my friends. Well done to those who rode the

Photos tomorrow ok?

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8 Comments on “Stripy Carrie”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Excellent, nowt like a bit of sun, although by the time I actually got out on my bike today it had traded places with the wind, still warm enough though.

    Hopefully soon I shall have tales like these but for now I will read yours and keep nodding to myself 🙂

    Mind you, if I’d woken up with a fuzzyness/muzzyness I think I’d have given up before I started 🙂

  2. andy phillips Says:

    nothing worse than a bikey sun

  3. Alan Says:

    Carrie, Huge thanks for the support at the 2up.I was on the start line thinking what am i doing here? AND
    you look great in your new Vags top

  4. les beales Says:

    Well jealous of all of u out on ure bikes, a couple of weeks ago got a bit lazy but after last weekend wen I cracked 22 miles got the buzz back, now coz that tosser of a driver I will av to wait for me next trip on me bike.

  5. redbike Says:

    Worrying my favourite part of most rides is often the finish. I like that peacefull feeling you get when your legs are tired and running on autopilot back home. I like sitting in the bath after the ride with a giant mug off coffee remembering.

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