View From a Very Special Guest


Hi my names Bean and sometimes my Mam calls me junior cyclist.

Yesterday Emily and me went on a bike ride for a picnic and Emily had a bike and it has a long thing to keep it still to Sandras bike and we have to pick pack lunches. I cycled to the lakeside and I had great cadence. I was faster than Emily and Sandra and my mam. Mammy said good aero when I was going down the hill. I raced mammy and I was the fastest one and we all had water bottles on the back of the bikes but I didn’t. I have to steal mammys, thats why she stops. And I liked it, I liked going down the hill because I’ve done aeros when Im not going down the hill. I had a nice time and today I wanna play games on the computer and then I wanna go for a bike ride with mammy. 


Dist:           6.42 miles 

Average: 7 mph 

Max:         15 mph

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7 Comments on “View From a Very Special Guest”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Great story and excellent news on the great cadence, that’s something I’ll have to work on myself as I normally pedal slowly 🙂

    The lakeside is a great place to cycle, I cycled around there on Saturday, it was a nice ride. Make sure your mammy takes you out on another bike ride as soon as possible, I bet it’s great fun.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • notthewowy Says:

      Aye, too fast for me he was, clocked his top speed on the flat at blummin 15! 17 on a descent.We’ve just returned from a 13 miler too. 🙂

      • PhilR Says:

        excellent, I’ve not even been for a 13 yarder today, too busy trying to find out why my damn fog lights on my car don’t work 😦

  2. Christine Gilligan Says:

    Well Done, Junior Cyclist. You have been well trained. I hate going fast as I am sure I will fall off. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. les beales Says:

    Thats better than me young cyclist me lad well done

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