Whoops or Something

I’ve cancelled on And, I slept in for our morning bike ride which is unusual and I’m feeling a bit glued to the sofa can’t get up today. It’s been a rollercoaster few weeks trying to keep a lid on the bad days and I think today I just went phlbt. I’m kind of enjoying it in a listless waste of a day way.

Last night the Bean and I baked. We made a cake for Dad and bananana tea loaf and some super cool bread rolls for his packed lunch. He’s amazing. He cycles (13 miles last night) he bakes, he’s just utterly amazing. I guess I was hit by the realisation this week that it’s not all about me and my bike but it is definately about my family and our life. How better can I teach him to live a healthy life than by example. How many 5 year olds are discussing excercise, pedal technique, healthy eating and know exactly how their food is made? I am one astonishingly proud parent to a very smart, funny,fit, healthy, resourceful boy.

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19 Comments on “Whoops or Something”

  1. Redbike Says:

    After reviewing those pictures I’m off to the shop for a sugar rush. I’m going to ignore all thoughts about healthy eating.

    • notthewowy Says:

      Hey! those breadbuns are both wholemeal and seeded! Hows that for healthy? Mind the cake contains freshly sugared stewed strawberries, white chocolate, milk chocolate and a heck of a lot of buttercream….

      • mark K Says:

        Your teaching him well. I made a totally to die for choc and strawberry cake last week. mmmmm 70% lindt.

  2. trio25 Says:

    So when can I come round for cake 😉

  3. lost Says:

    Hey, don’t worry bout cancelling on And. Everyone needs some phblr time now and then. I’m sure he understands.

    Now, as for Bean, you got a great kid there. You’ve set him up for the rest of his life, so you deserve to be prouder than proud.

    And that cake? Gimme gimme gimme!!!!

    • notthewowy Says:

      Get yerself round for some cake then… It annoys me to see kids being driven right up to the school. It’s sad and cruel to not let them run and play.

      • trio25 Says:

        The kids I work with in schools always are shocked that I cycle there….they ask if its because I can’t afford a car. They look confused when I explain its because I enjoy it!

        • notthewowy Says:

          I know, people do that to me a lot too. The guy across the road tried to sell us his car. I have a car, I just don’t use it and that’s why it’s not parked in our drive.

          • notthewowy Says:

            Oh yeah, and both the parents and kids are shocked to see him cycling to and from school. Am sure a few of the parents get sick of the “whys he only got two wheels and I’ve got four ” discussion, I’ve heard it more than once. Better still is the days when I ride his bike home from school. :p

          • trio25 Says:

            That must be funny!

          • trio25 Says:

            My answer of yes its at home outside the house always confused! But no way would I drive into Manchester in rush hour, would take loads longer than on a bike!

  4. les beales Says:

    You must be a very proud Mum the boy is doing good

  5. Phill Says:

    I’ve just read your last 3 posts and can I just say that they’re all amazing?
    That’s all.
    I also have offspring who ask unbelieveable questions about fitness and nutrition – it makes me proud how much they absorb, and howmuch they questions qhat’s around them.
    Excellent stuff, Mrs!

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