If It's Good Enough for Britney

Turns out what I was going to do next was the Barnesbury 10 mile time trial again. It did take much dithering and indecision though but it got me in the end.. have you seen that wind? nice, not.

I took a slow meandering ride over to the sign up. There were a lot of Vags around this time, must be preparation for the Vags club time trial next week? Although what the two lads on the tandem were thinking I don’t know, fantastic though that was. Anyway, much of a muchness, I went, I worked, I nearly threw up, I got round, I fell off. Yes, I fell off. I thought it was my jelly legs but turns out there’s another screw missing from my cleats. Anyway.. it was fun in as much as forcing yourself to work till everything hurts, till you have a stitch and can barely control your breathing and then you push some more… I just must thrive on torture. My time was much of a muchness with last week though which is both an upside and a down. Then I rode home because I am mental.. now as I sit on the sofa aching and bone weary I can’t quite comprehend what kind of person puts themselves through that and then pays for the privilege.

Hmm, whatever kind of person does that isn’t a person I would have imagined myself being when I started pedalling. Looks like I am that person though eh?

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11 Comments on “If It's Good Enough for Britney”

  1. Joby Says:

    A sadistic person – thats who!

  2. It’s called a personal challenge, striving for the perceived impossiblities, it’s what makes us human mate. Everyone has it to a greater or lesser degree.

    Top effort in discovering you have it too! 🙂

  3. les beales Says:

    Whatever you wan’t to call you av got it by the bucket load. You will never loose it now.

    I take my hat off to you well I wud If I had one but you get what I mean well done mate

  4. Alan Says:

    Well done anyway

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