Here I am, home safe, sound and shattered. You know I am uninterested in directions and in the end we rode the Hadrian Cycleway. I’m glad we did, I think maybe at best only one of us would have survived the other route. Yesterday was hell, a headwind round the Solway and then a massive (it bloody felt that way) climb to our “new” B&B in Greenhead (apparently an active couple broke the shower in our room and we were relocated) Uphill in a headwind? no thanks. I would gladly have given up. Really. How many times can you have it illustrated to you that you are emphatically not a climber?

The last leg of up I decided to just push. FFS, Im not a climber and trying to match the HC’s pace was just leading to murder or divorce. He is a climber and however sweet he is or however slow he climbs I can pressure myself into ripping my own legs off. The room was huge though and the owners incredibly sweet, driving us back down the up for dinner and picking us up to return, then asking if we wanted chicken or duck eggs for breakfast.

The room was huge and the bed immensely comfortable even with the 2am alarm malfunction. Breakfast was interesting. Neither of us can stomach a great deal of food and they seemed a bit weirded out by our request for scrambled egg on toast, no thanks, no cereal, no thanks no sausages, no thanks no bacon, no thanks no more toast, no everything was lovely there was just too much. It was a very lovely place, much like being a house guest.

And then there was the setting off, it was up and down and there was a nice bit of rocky road in Hexham. You know what? Im shattered, its bedtime, tell you the rest tomorrow..

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14 Comments on “Scratching”

  1. Emma Rush Says:

    Sounds erm…. fun. I’m no climber either. Think I’d be crying on those hills. Anyway, what a great way to spend a weekend.

  2. PhilR Says:

    I sounds excellent, yes even the up, but then I am sat in the comfort of my chair on my laptop 😉 Can’t wait to hear the rest and 2 lovely guest houses must make a good weekend 🙂

    I am heading off at 6:30am tomorrow to cycle my wife to work and return alone, it’s a bloody Bank Holiday Monday, am I mad?

    I ‘am’ enjoying my new bike though and hope to get to know it a little better over the coming weeks. Let me know when you promise not to kill me and we’ll take an easy ride. 😉

  3. lost Says:

    What an amazing way to spend your anniversary! It must’ve been lovely cycling Hadrian’s wall 🙂

    I, like you and Rushie, am not a climber but I gotta say, you persevere like a trooper and it obviously shows in your ability to ride more and more ups as time goes on.

    Keep up the ruddy good work 🙂

    • notthewowy Says:

      You’d think but really it feels like I’ll never be able for it, Nothing left to do but get my head down and start dropping weight I think.

  4. trio25 Says:

    I’m not a natural climber, but as I always ride hills it has just got easier. In fact these days I am nowhere near last to the top of hills (I used to be last by such a long way!) So just keep going and one day you will suprise yourself!

  5. andy phillips Says:

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Think i would have had the full big breakfast.

  6. les beales Says:

    Well know one else has asked so I will how did you know using ure words that (apparently an active couple broke the shower in your room)

    Wot I wud gve to be struggling up them hills at the mo mate

    Sounds like ure two guests houses were home from home nice one

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