Which Hat Shall I Wear Now?

We stopped for a cuppa and a bit cake in Hexham and then cracked on, turning into and out of the wind. Along the Tyne to Tynemouth, Having no fancies for riding 20 miles home into a damned headwind I’d arranged a lift home too. There you are, home and shattered and also a little bit distracted.

I feel as though I’ve completed a revolution. I’m sort of back at my start now and I find myself deeply contemplative.  The ride was far harder than I expected and I really don’t have an answer to the what next?

The weight loss has started again by two pounds and I want to keep it rolling. I love my body now and I’ll love it more the tighter and more toned it gets.

My body, especially my legs have had a fair hammering over the last week or two with the miles and the time trialling so I had promised myself a very rested week almost pedal free but it’s only Tuesday and I’m itching to feel my heart pumping. It looks like rain and for the first time I’m seriously considering a trip gymwards.

What next though? What do I want to do? Where am I going? I need something to work towards and I’m going to figure out what, the girl needs a plan.

Ps. Lezzzz, we know about the shower cos the second B&B told us…

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12 Comments on “Which Hat Shall I Wear Now?”

  1. PhilR Says:

    You need to plan something for next year now to give you something to aim for.

    Now that the bikes are returning to our lives Bev is again thinking of a cycling holiday, dunno what the kids will really think of that idea this time around, loved it the last time but we never got around to it. I dunno if I could do with the hassle, a lot of campsites seem to be bookings only these days, not like when we first met when we used to go off and if we fancied stopping somewhere we just popped into a campsite with the tent and that was us sorted.
    Will have to wait and see I suppose, that may be next year, although the kids may not want to come with us by then 😐 (I say kids but at 15 and 16 can I really keep saying that lol)

    • notthewowy Says:

      I don’t know what I need lad, theres still plenty of places just let you turn up too. 🙂 We have a directory somewhere.

      • PhilR Says:

        I bought a book, AA Cycle Rides in Yorkshire Dales and the North East hoping there’d be some nice easy family style rides in it. There are 25 rides, 3 in the North East and the rest are in Yorkshire and Lancashire. Could they not be bothered to look for more up here or what!

        A directory would be handy if you could recall where you got it that would be great 😀

  2. Redbike Says:

    I love it when you get to that point in a ride when your brain switches off and your legs seem to switch to autopilot. That feeling of contentment slowly drifts over you.

    I’ve no idea ‘what next’. I’m not the revolutionary kind. Personnly I would stick to the same. Riding for cake and smiles seems rather idyllic to me.

    • notthewowy Says:

      yup. I enjoy that feeling too though it was absent this weekend, I wondered if I’d lost my love of it TBH but I’m itching to ride already.

  3. Kyle Says:

    Well done on completing it.
    Are you doing the Cramlington 10 on Friday, as your name is down for it.

    • notthewowy Says:

      Thanks Kyle.

      I am planning on it but it’s looking more and more as though I’ll have to work. I had to do some serious negotiations to get last weekend off 😦 I’m working on it though.

      • Kyle Says:

        Fastest course (I think) in the North East. i hope you can do it, it will be good experience.

  4. SuzyG Says:

    OK here’s my humble opinion…

    If you found the coast to coast hard, and if you are now asking what next then I suspect you weren’t doing it right!!! Touring is about taking it slow and taking in the scenery, its about the journey not the speed. Typically your AVS should be around half the speed of a club run and there should be lots of stops for cake and photos. If you have 60 miles to cycle, that’s cool, you’ve go the entire day to do it. Once you discover touring then the whole world opens up to you and you should be asking Where Next? not What Next.

    I think you need to go back and do it again, but slower. 😀 XXX

    • notthewowy Says:

      Like with you?? 😀 yer on…

      There could have been more time for cake but there wasn’t and the speed was so sedate that it took all day. I was already sore from overdoing it hen and the evil headwind wasn’t kind either.
      The where next has already been discussed, we’re looking for routes suitable for a 5 year old.

      As for the what next… well I like a new goal now and again. Andy has this thing about a sub 30 ten but I’m not sure thats for me.

  5. mark K Says:

    La marmotte next then?

  6. les beales Says:

    Carrie thanx for the ps I av bin laying awake at night didn’t know wether it was me elbows or the question about the shower, now hopefully I know the answer about the shower and the pain will subside in me Elbows. Will be able to sleep ok whoop whoop

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