You Just Gotta Ask

Well, I asked a question and it was well and truly answered. I have a few special goals.

At Danny “fatty to hotty” Winthorpes suggestion I’m riding the Great North Bike Ride with him and his friends. From home to the start, back to Tynemouth and home again. That will be something to look forward to. It’s a shame Danny doesn’t blog; He is an astounding guy who has shrunk before my eyes and that’s just since October. It kind of makes me wish I knew him before.

This is the wonderful thing. I have met so many people just like me with just about the same story. We slowly got fat and sad and slowly lost love for ourselves and now we are slowly getting fit and tight and slowly growing in confidence. It must invade far more lives and far more deeply than just the pedaling portion. And here’s the thing, there are a few people in my life now who have been where I am and I watch them sometimes struggling with the goals and fitness and weight, mostly succeeding and I want to shine a spotlight on them. People like Danny, Alan Holmes, Elaine, Brian, Andy, Ray and Ray and so many more. These people never seem to lose patience, never seem to sicken of supporting others. They never seem to give up and give in. Nothing is too much trouble and no one is unimportant. These are the people I emulate. This is the world I live in now. This is my home. I want to be like that.

This is how I know that what I do is nothing exceptional, the only exception is that I write it down in public.

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3 Comments on “You Just Gotta Ask”

  1. Now there’s the thing, I don’t know any real world people like that apart from the 3 Bloggers I met to pedal with. Rafe, Jon and JB, all top blokes. Not fat bastards like me but top blokes.

    The only other fat bikers I know are Bloggers but I imagine they’d be like the folks you are talking about here.

    Who’d a thunk the internet could be used like this eh?

  2. lost Says:

    I’m with you there – I’ve met some amazing people through blogging, of all varieties.

    The psychological boost these guys can give is probably the best, cos you guarantee that someone will have been where you are doing what you’re doing.

    It’s great that you’re coming out the other side, emulating those who’ve inspired you, and now you’re inspiring others.

    Keep on going 🙂

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