Really a Cyclist

I should not have gone far from my sofa yesterday. The whole 70 miles alternated between feeling fit and well and coughing up oddly coloured stuff, one then the other then one then the other. I’m glad I did though. Even though no designated ride leader had volunteered and the calendar was blank it was decided that we would be off to Capheaton. Elaine at the front drove a hard pace which I could just about manage to start but as soon as it turned up I found it harder and harder to breathe, pedal and not spew up all that nice green stuff I had coughed up and swallowed. ย The group was happy and the chat was great, the ladies at the tea shop coped well with the unexpected tonne of cyclists and the group pretty much rode back as a whole, fast ones, kids and slow coaches. It was a lovely day but at the finish I was sat at Anna’s putting off the inevitable ride home. I just could not be bothered. I dawdled along behind And all the way to Blagdon where we parted, dawdled alone to Stannington Station where the fit and fine somehow switched itself back on again. Great, I might just make it home at a reasonable hour. Hold on, what’s that? feels kinda bumpy… aw darn it, a puncture..

Yup, less than two miles from home I got to perform my first solo roadside repair. My second tyre change ever I think. It may have taken me 40 minutes of sitting on a pavement swearing ( I’m still on Andys wheels and his tyres are evil!) but I did it all by myself (ok, I phoned the HC to shout at him because it has to be his fault that I can’t work the worlds smallest pump). If I can change an inner tube unassisted I must really be a cyclist huh?

Two more miles and I was home, going slowly because the tyre was still a little soft. I Was Shattered. My everything ached,the cold seems to have hit my chest and I was so physically tired that even my eyes hurt. I ran the biggest bath possible and then spent a long time getting more practice repeating the inner change on the HC’s wheel, well practice makes perfect eh?

I forgot to take a photo for the journal but I can report that the weight loss is heading the right way now, I’m down to 14’3. I should be well on track to reach the 12 stone mark for the end of the year.

And Today

Now this morning was another interesting day. I spent it on the north side of the Sandy Bay roundabout in a yellow jacket drinking coffee, listening to radio four and directing Time Triallists. I love watching cyclists. Well done to Annabel and Lucy ( who shouted at me as she went past, I’m reminding you to never time trial again, as requested ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Actually I’ve had a perfect day, My stepdad took the JC for a walk while I was marshalling, picked me up and took us both to my Mams for a cuppa. We walked the 2 miles back from West Sleekburn chatting, playing and running. I’m proud of him, he did well.

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11 Comments on “Really a Cyclist”

  1. trio25 Says:

    nice one! I still sulk at times trying to get tyres on and off rims! But yes you are a proper cyclist now!

    • notthewowy Says:

      They are a thing of evil. I’ve been lucky so far but I’m glad I at least knew roughly what I was supposed to do. Testament to all the Vags who have shown me.

  2. Bob Melrose Says:

    Just to let you know I am still reading your public journal (sounds better than ‘blog’-what sort of word is that?).Saturday’s ride was brilliant on many levels,such as my first experience of the ‘ryals’ (downwards-may try upwards this week)and at one point on the upwards lanes to Ryal,I had an almost 80year old on one side and a 20 something on the tother side.Can you remember waving to me as you and andy were about a mile out of Pont? Well I had stopped to give assistance to a ‘punctured’ cyclist.Maybe that was an omen for you. Bob

  3. It must be woman thing, my beloved rings me up to shout at me when she has a problem.

    Totally mystifying…

    • notthewowy Says:

      That’s cos it’s all your fault. What do you do when she rings?

      • Usually I say “yes dear, no dear, three bags full dear”

        It might be the cowards way out, but it’s easier in the long run. And to quote the only bit of relationship advice my old man ever gave me: “Anything for a quiet life…”

  4. Elaine Dey Says:

    “Elaine at the front drove a hard pace which I could just about manage to start”

    Carrie, I was just trying to keep up with you!!

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