How's This For a Challenge?

In a state of dire bare cupboardyness I thought I’d better go do some shopping. I had a devil of a job hitching the new shiny Ortleib panniers to the tourer but I wanted to go to Aldi, see if it was better than the evil Asda. Here’s the challenge, how much shopping could I carry on a bike?

A lot huh? theres £57 of shopping there carted across town. haha, that was the most fun challenge ever, who needs cars?

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8 Comments on “How's This For a Challenge?”

  1. mark K Says:

    did you make sure you were balanced on both sides? Think im going to end up doing this when i move out, not looking forward to lugging that up the hill to mine.

    • notthewowy Says:

      it was no problem really, except for the traffic lights near my house where I forgot about the 18 kilos each side and shot up out of the saddle…….

  2. redbike Says:

    I hate shopping on the bike. I get really odd looks as I tap dance around in my cycling shoes and I’m never comfortable wearing lycra in a supermarket.

    Also i’m always worried that my bike wont be there when I return to it.

    I have a knock-off bob trailer that works very well for shopping but taking the trailer makes the job of locking everything up even harder.

    • notthewowy Says:

      thank god for the collection of royal mail locks… lol. I am well used to wandering around in my DHBs, I dont think people even notice anymore, the only think I do is untuck my trousers from my socks ( no lycra for shopping) It was fun and really an education.

  3. trio25 Says:

    I tend to do my shopping on the bike as well. It is amazing how much you can carry! Good to see!

  4. Forget whether the panniers were balanced. I want to know about your special dietary needs for oven chips, pizza and beans. Loads of beans. Are you always obliged to be at the back of the peleton?

    • notthewowy Says:

      I’m not telling. Lol. Nope. I only eat savoury foods for breakfast and the HCs culinary skills extend to tin opening. Baked beans hit both options. Pizza is great! It requires no cutlery and no plates. Lmao. This was the store cupboard shop. Now ask yourself why I only bought four loo rolls.

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