2010 Tyneside Vagabonds Mountain Time Trial

Well done to all of the entrants. A special well done to the HC who has maybe ridden his bike 4 times this year completed the 47 miles of up in the strangest weather at a time of  2 hours 47 something. I’m proud of you.

We arrived at the HQ, Belsay 1st School at about half nine and the place was already full of people and cyclists and noise and activity. The HC put his bike together, signed on and buggered off. Myself and the JC went inside to hand over the one armed baking and collect my hi-vis (the JC brought his own! ) As I was marshalling near the end of the course with a fellow Vag, Peter, we took ourselves off to the start for a bit chat, an oggling of the pretty bikes and watched the first forty or so riders start. Then Myself, Peter and I drove off to our station on the Cambo Road at the turn off to Knowesgate. The weather seemed nice but then it started hailing, raining, shining, raining, drizzling and on. The JC did me proud, he helped marshall and was a very well behaved little man. There were no incidents and it was fab watching the cyclists go by.  Last man past, pick up the signs and back to HQ. It was a little sad to have missed the HC finishing but we found him soon enough. His computer had broken before the start and I was worried that would affect his time somehow (hey, the smallest thing’s enough some days). He found us and we were very proud of him. We stood to watch the prizegiving (winner at 1hr50:15 ,Chris Newton of Rapha Condor Sharp, best junior our own Adam Hogarth at 2hr24:41 results here http://www.tynevags.org.uk/website/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=211:mountain-tt-results-2010&catid=74:mountain-tt-2010 )and then off home we went, all three of us shattered. Still, I brought him a tonne of curry home from work last night.

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Note for Danny: Not all of the female Vags thought Chris Newton was a hottie! If it aint ginger I’m not interested :p

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