That’s Not The Problem

So I’ve ridden a couple of time trials then had a couple of weeks of not, the HC rode a mountain time trial and one or two people used the phrase “when you do it…” Umm no. I can’t picture a universe inside my head where I would voluntarily subject myself to up at any great speed and call it fun. Of course, given the events of the last 8 or so months they are probably right and me wrong.

I’ve said to a friend or two that I’m still not sure about this time trialling business but that’s not strictly true. I actually love it, the pain, the effort, the silence, the adversity all of it, I am probably my biggest enemy and it seems to me that in a situation where you are apparently racing against yourself that would be a distinct advantage. What I don’t trust is my sense of direction. I’m not joking when I say that it’s terrible. I have to use visualisation and all sorts of mental trickery to know where I’ve been. I need to physically go round a course and mutter to myself or I dont think my head will be in it. Plus sometimes (and this is the only time) I feel disadvantaged not having a car. I always have to get to the start and get from the finish back home. I dont think any cyclist has never been in the position of thinking “ohmygoddoIhavetogoallthatwaysurelytheremustbesomeonecancomegetmeohflipwhywontmylegsgoowwwwwwwwwwchhhh” so yeah, whinge whinge whinge…

I’ve managed to get a pass out Thursday night for the Tyneside Vagabonds Club 10 (any volunteers for the JC sitting??) do I ride or marshall?

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4 Comments on “That’s Not The Problem”

  1. You yourself is your own biggest opponent and don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. Anyway that’s just as it should be.

    You’re doing brilliantly!

  2. Super Al Says:


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