I Have Had the Nicest Day

I have. Andy lent me his car for a couple of days so I chucked the bike in the back and drove over to return it, then I somehow miraculously found my way to Ponteland without going via Essex or somewhere. I met my bosses son in the leisure centre car park. He very bravely joined me for what I’d promised would be a gentle 10 mile loop. One of my favourite Vags, Danny had lent me a set of aero bars to try and the HC very kindly fixed them to the winter bike last night. I’d planned to scout out the route for the Vags 10 course because I am so good at getting lost and I wanted to see the route clearly.

What a sweltering day we had, the weather was gorgeous. My poor friend was rather hot but he should be proud, 10 miles on a knackered old mountain bike on a rolling route in this heat? The lad did fabulously, 12 ish miles at an average of about 11 mph. So we went to Annas for a cuppa. Here I received the best compliment. Anna said to me “oh, you’re getting so thin, I didn’t recognise you when you came in” I nearly got a sub par coffee so I’m inclined to believe her ( I’m a caffeinista ).

He went back to his car and I rolled off on my way home, coming out of Pont towards the police HQ I smiled and said afternoon to a mixed gender pair of cyclists. Whoa… I know those legs…. OY! Cakeface! What a surprise so I stopped and had a lovely chat with old Cakeface (fellow female Vag, Eileen and her superfit hotty totty Graeme). Leaving them for home I used that portion of the ride to try out those bars and work my little bum off.. sweating, wobbling (just a little; surprisingly) breathing funny, shuffling and my god that glorious weather, the only downside is the smell of that awful Rape fields and the bug collection on my legs, arms, hair, teeth etc. I stopped at Stannington Village for a chat with a random cyclist (well sometimes it just has to be done eh?) and then whump…. headwind. boooooo. I will maintain to my dying day that there is no such thing as a tailwind cos that stuffs out to get me. Still, the bars were comfortable and it was interesting seeing how they affected my riding. Just the last hill before home, its a bit of a grind coming up the Stakeford bank but I took it more easily than I usually would, I’m finding that every single time I climb it it becomes less of a doing battle situation and more of a lie down and have your tummy tickled you stupid hill, you know I can beast you kinda thing. I’m definately getting better at the up, slowly as that is. Stopping outside of my garden gate I pulled my phone out of my pocket, as the winter bike doesn’t have a computer I’d used a free app (endomondo) to track my ride. Whut Tu Fu? 11 odd mph average? No way, I was gutted, really, my legs felt like they’d put a good time in over the 17 miles home. Sad Face and long bath then I logged into the endomondo website ( http://www.endomondo.com/home ) to look at the data. Oh wait… no auto stop. So about 15 minutes chatting with the Cakeface Crew and 5 with the random cyclist that puts my ride home at just over an hour. Thank god.

Anyway, I don’t know about the club 10, I just think the route contains more up than I could do justice to. I am wary of setting myself up for failure. Garrgh.

Cheers for the nice ride out Maruf, it was a pleasure.

Cheers for the chat Cakeface Crew, it was a gorgeous interlude, how did your stats turn out?

Cheers for the bars Danny Winthorpe, good luck at the Derwentside TT.

Cheers for the sunshine weather people, but no thanks to the bloody headwind.

Cheers for the car And. I’m glad you have it back, it was too easy to be lazy.

Cheers for reading this you guys, cheers for always reading this.

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2 Comments on “I Have Had the Nicest Day”

  1. Kyle Says:

    The club 10 ‘ups’ are more like long drags, so I think you should give it a go on Thursday, if you can.
    And your day sounds like good fun too.

    • notthewowy Says:

      yeah, all of the drags that I don’t like at the best of times 🙂 My day was so much fun that i’m thinking of doing it again tomorrow.

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