Hooked On A Feeling

Ten miles over the last two days. How’s that for working hard? My body feels fine but the mind ain’t great. It is getting better but it is what it is. So this week I’m giving myself a ban on big rides. Nope. I’m not giving myself the week off, that would be horrible! Instead I have a loop in mind and I’m going to take myself round it daily just because I can. Add the loop to the usual round of shopping and such and I plan on riding less than thirty miles in any one day.

Which is the other thing. I do cycle because I enjoy it but I am also by choice and circumstance not a driver. A few people have commented on the big miles I ride and they are right. It is a lot. Can those of you who drive help me out and tell me how many miles you drive to get to work and shopping and so on please?

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3 Comments on “Hooked On A Feeling”

  1. Joby Says:

    I drive – but I don’t drive to work nor go shopping in the car, and I tend to walk everywhere I can.

    I will drive my daughter to nursery (1 mile) with the bike on the car and take the bike from nursery to work, and reverse it for the way home.

    That doesn’t help at all does it 🙂

  2. trio25 Says:

    I drive, but do shopping and commuting by bike (or if I need to rest train) so not much use either!

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