Has Nothing To Say

Go on, get the jokes in.

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4 Comments on “Has Nothing To Say”

  1. Andy Says:


    A Rabbi, a Blacksmith and a Nun walk into a bar. The Rabbi goes up to the bar and asks for a Gin & Tonic and a packet of Ready Salted crisps, the Bishop asks for a pint of Lager and some Pork Scratchings, and the actress, no wait… shit, is it two Nuns and a goat walk into a bar?
    Knock Knock???

  2. christine gilligan Says:

    When a librarian dies, do they have 2 minutes noise…….??

  3. Two fish on a perch. One looks at the other and says, “Can you smell fish?”

    Sorry. I don’t have any cycling jokes. Get well soon.

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