Hey There

Aren’t school holidays fun? 😀

So far I’ve ridden a total of 2.6 miles for the month, and those don’t really count towards the June 100 and I don’t really mind one bit. I’m enjoying the little break and evaluating my life here. never mind, I have a small loop planned for tomorrow and then come Saturday I am Freeeeeeeeeeeee!!! haha, the big miles ban is lifted so I can go play with the Vags on the Saturday easy ride.. 60 odd miles for the challenge then. Better yet my husband is in a band and they are playing at the Three Horseshoes in Cramlington at 6pm Saturday. I’d love to see you all there.

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7 Comments on “Hey There”

  1. Joby Says:

    OOOh – what sorta music do they play?

  2. So, you’re telling me you’re going to kick my June100 ass from Saturday onwards? OK, I’ll get my book down my pants…

  3. MTB miles should be worth at least double! I do have my eye on a frame & groupset at £50 from a neighbour. If I chuck £100 at some wheels I’ll have a roadie in no time, but I’m desperately trying to resist.

    You will kick my ass, big style.

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