Owning Your Achievements

I was having a short chat with a friend of mine last night. It made me realise something.

How willing are you to blow your own trumpet? To shout it from the rooftops? Does it just feel wrong to run up to people like a kid saying “look, look what I did, aren’t I great!!” I don’t know if that reluctance to celebrate your achievements is especially strong in people with mental illness like me, I know I tend to fixate on the 5 percent I did wrong rather than the 95 percent I did well.

But let’s face it, 95 per cent in an exam would have us all jumping for joy eh? I resolve to own my achievements from now on and not care if I seem like an over exuberant toddler. I can do stuff and I can do it well. Here’s five to get me started:

I’m a fantastic cook. I spend my life learning to make more and more tasty food.

I have dropped 4 dress sizes since August 09 ( I’m proudly wandering around in denim hot pants and a strappy vest today)

I can cycle some pretty large distances. That takes some practice, stamina and determination.

I give everything my best shot, running at it head on and never allow fear to stop me.

I’m smart and observant too.

What’s great about you? If I can do it you can too, tell me what you have achieved. I genuinely want to know. Please? (you know, even half way through this post I could hear that little voice telling me not to be so big headed, or that other people might disagree and shout at me or say mean things but I am still going to press that publish button)

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24 Comments on “Owning Your Achievements”

  1. sue Says:

    fantastic achievements chick. You are a star, and don’t you forget it. I’m particularly envious of achievement No.2…..oh how I would love to drop 4 dress sizes!!!!!

  2. sue Says:

    tomoro I might…listen out for me at about half past midday!!

  3. Redbike Says:

    I love the way your glass is always half full!

  4. Joby Says:

    I’m proud that I (along with my wife) have managed to produce such a beautiful daughter 😉

  5. Joby Says:

    Oh, and I’m 4 stone lighter than this time last year.

  6. My achievements –

    I’ve tripled my ride distance since XMAS and also doubled my average pace.

    I’ve lost 2″ from my waistline, but I daren’t wear Denim Hotpants or strappy tops!

    I’m able to attack rocky sections more comfortably.

    All of this since Christmas.

    I just need to get into some serious road distances and cure my XC descents.

  7. trio25 Says:

    I have gone back to working full-time when loads said it wouldn’t be possible.

    I have achieved some amazing things on my bike which shows I have determination and motivation.

    I in am a relationship with an amazing person.

    Can’t think of a fourth that is hard, but good to make me thing.

  8. I’m going to list a non-bike achievement, as I’m still a bit pooey on the bike.. but:
    – I make someone laugh every day, sometimes quite a few people;
    – I’ve made two new people for the planet, and two really nice ones at that
    – I found a wonderful person to build a life with, and that life-building is working fantastically well
    – And finally, I can, at a push, actually blow a trumpet, but I don’t have my own.

    • notthewowy Says:

      You have a trombone? I don’t know why that thought makes me laff but it does. May I suggest the June 100 too?

      • Phill Says:

        You may, thank you. The June100 has got off to a rather good start hasn’t it?

        I actually used to play solo baritone in Rochdale Metropolitan Youth Band. Fact.

  9. lost Says:

    Learning to walk again after an horrific knee injury.
    Riding again after being told I’d never be able to.
    Track racing a week after getting back on a bike.
    Smashing PBs on the mcr-bpl.
    Meeting some amazing people through cycling and blogging 🙂

  10. Fair play to all lot and I’m delighted for all of you. I’ve done stuff but I’m afraid all of this touchy feely social worker type stuff is all a bit American and Oprah for me. It’s not a critcism of you lot, more a self confessed issue of mine. But it’d be a boring old world if we were all the same wouldn’t it.

    Crack on publishing them though as I enjoy reading them.

  11. not only was it rubbish, it bloody well hurt too!

  12. Toby Field Says:

    I don’t blow my own trumpet very often and go quite shy when people mention my weightloss and cycling achievements.

    However, I am proud of the fact I give blood.

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