The Pedal Problem

It’s no good. I fell off again. Just cannot get out of that left pedal. The pedals have been adjusted and the right one is fine. It just appears that the left ankle is just not going to get any stronger anytime soon. I have a pair of pedals on the winter bike that are much easier to get into and out of, as scruffy looking as they are they are going on the Focus. I’m sick of the repetitive shin scrape. I’m sick of looking like an idiot as I crumple to the ground. I’m giving up on those bloody pedals.

On the upside its a glorious day out there and I’ve logged my first miles for the June 100 🙂

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6 Comments on “The Pedal Problem”

  1. Redbike Says:

    Lol, I accidentally wore the wrong shoes when I went out last night and managed to clip into Shimano SPD cleats while wearing crankbrother cleats on my shoes.

    I had to go around the block 2-3 times before I managed to unclip.

  2. mark K Says:

    Coming home last night from work i pulled out of a junction by a group of students sunning themselves, i missed the peddle and smacked my nuts of the cross bar. They creased themselves laughing, was still a good ride.

    After 3 years i still cant clip in 😦

  3. Elaine Dey Says:

    The problem with my pedals is…………….they don’t make me go fast enuff!

  4. redbike Says:

    I’ve just broken another pair of shoes. I ripped the sole off the shoes trying to get the single speed up a bank.

    As I can’t afford new cycling shoes I’ve got to go the other way (ie change from clipless to flats). A rider who’s used clipless pedals for years now has to ride flats. – Expect lots of bruised shins.

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