Small Miles Big Difference

18 miles today. 2 loops, one easy and one hard. You have no idea how much fun that was.

I took the winter bike out, it has no computer (I have no idea why, I inherited it that way) but it does have some borrowed aero bars. I usually just use cyclemeter or endomondo on the phone in my pocket instead but a few people had been singing the praises of Map My Ride so I downloaded that to try.  I took a small loop from my house up the cycle path, off at West Sleekburn, through Cambois and North Blyth back through Sleekburn to Stakeford and home. That 9 mile loop that I was taking easy (the plan was to warm up on the first loop and then hammer it on the second, just because) came out at an average just short of 15 mph. The second loop? well I didn’t. There’s traffic lights halfway up the Blackclose bank on the last mile and I naffed the hill start the first time round so instead on the second loop I just came back down the cycle path at West Sleekburn and joined the road at North Seaton. I put a lot into the second run and I feel totally rewarded, 9.53 miles at 15.9 mph average in not the best weather.

I do love cycling you know. I’m glad, some days I get up and think “I Cannot be arsed” and then I worry because if  one day turns into two into forever….. you know, then I’ll be fat and sad and doubled up halfway up the stairs gasping for breath. noway. never. nuh huh. I don’t care if I weigh what I do now for the rest of my life. I do care that I can be this fit for the rest of my life, that I can smile.

So yeah, the ban may be lifted and I’ll surely be having some epic days out over the summer but there sure is room in my life for the small miles and rides without numbers too.

Small miles = Big Smiles.

Whoops! Edited to add: I’m well impressed with map my ride. I’m going to continue using it. Here’s my link if you already use it and would like to add me

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7 Comments on “Small Miles Big Difference”

  1. Redbike Says:

    Keep clocking up those smiles.

  2. Small miles = Big smiles = small clothes too!

    Having said that, I went shopping then had a chippy last night. Bad, bad Phill.

  3. lost Says:

    One thing to bear in mind about mapmyride is that the elevation stats aren’t always correct – that’s why I left it to use bikehike, then ridewithgps. It is a case of trial and error and personal preference though.

    Great going on that average though girl!

  4. lost Says:

    Neither does my ciclosport pc. I plot all my routes on ridewithgps when I’ve does them to get the elevation stats 😉

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