Team Time Trial? Real Ale?

I had a nice day Saturday and a very busy one. I left home for Ponteland at quarter past eight with my rucksack. The turnout was rather small but full of lovely people, most of whom I didn’t get to speak to thanks to an amusing puncture and the fact that we wanted to be back at Ponteland for the sign on for the time trialling. I got to push off which is a whole lot of fun. there were a total of 16 pairs with a few no shows but the times impressed me for sure. For his first time organising I reckon Richie did pretty well like. Nice day and forty some miles for the June 100. 🙂

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Simon’s band was playing at the Three Horse Shoes at six so we threw the bikes in Ands car and hammered it home for our lift. Saturday night was fab! The band played really well despite the large quantities of real ale they’d swallowed. Have a look at the video clips . I had a fair bit myself. I’m getting too old for the hangovers like…

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One Comment on “Team Time Trial? Real Ale?”

  1. Redbike Says:

    I hate pushing off. I’m always scared I will drop them and I never know where to grab the bike.

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