In My Mouth

I have toothache, an infection. I’m in too much pain. Owie owie owie. Can I have lots of some sympathys please?

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14 Comments on “In My Mouth”

  1. notthewowy Says:

    boo. you are a mean man Joby.

  2. There there there, Clivey make it all better…

    (Now where’s those pliers?)

  3. Aw bless.

    There. That ok? Now get on with some work or something.

  4. lost Says:

    Joby-woby pudding and pie, picked on Carrie and made her cry…..

    Ooh, you meanie Joby!

    Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie 😦 You got antibio’s for it?

  5. John Berry Says:

    Ooohhhh sympathy….I hope your allergy to pain isn’t as bad as mine!

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