There I Am Here It Is

A couple of whatevers ago I told you I had an appointment with a community psychiatric nurse. That was this morning. I went, although I almost didn’t, it was scary to turn up and I was nervous (truthfully I always am in unfamiliar surroundings even though I try to hide it).

It was a preliminary appointment but I found it difficult just sharing such rudimentary information about myself. Anyway, the result is 6 sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy over 12 weeks, with the possibility of a referral if needs be. I don’t really know exactly why I’m telling you this though I suspect my reasons include the fact that this is my life and my journal of late, this is also my way of making the depression somehow smaller. I also think that the more I talk about it the easier it gets and that you can see I’m not a crazy lady just because I admit to a mental illness, most people aren’t and at some point most people need emotional help too. So There.

Hopeful, nervous and scared. I feel so tired right now but tomorrow is a whole new day. I will be getting off this sofa and I will be getting on my bike. I’ll be meeting Old Cakeface Eileen at 11 for a long day of fun. If the phone holds there’ll even be a map. I’m so lucky to know so many supportive people.

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14 Comments on “There I Am Here It Is”

  1. redbike Says:

    A day of bikes and maps sounds brilliant.

    I’m stuffing my face tonight to try and cheer myself up

  2. Joby Says:

    Talking to yourself – first sign of madness!

    I saw a shrink when I was younger as I was messed up – did me the world of good!

  3. Hope it goes well for you matey, enjoy the pedal and cakes too! πŸ™‚

    • notthewowy Says:

      Phew, I was getting worried about you there. You’re usually here earlier. lol, cheers. The bikes all ready and the dishes are washed, here we go.

  4. The bikes all washed and the dishes ready, excellent! Enjoy your day and hang in there with the meetings.

    You do have to beat the shrunken Joby, don’t you?

  5. John Berry Says:

    You are brave!

    I would like to say I understand what you are going through, but I don’t….

    Good luck…..

    • notthewowy Says:

      I don’t know about that. Your sentiments are apreciated though. Umm, could you fall off yer bike or something? You’ve knocked me down a space on the June 100 πŸ˜›

  6. lost Says:

    CBT can work wonders – I have a few friends who’ve used it as a means of taming their depression.

    The important thing is try not to stress about it, which I know can be hard.

    Enjoy your bikey day tomorrow. Oh, and eat as much cake as you like πŸ˜‰

  7. trio25 Says:

    I really rate CBT it really worked for me! I find though I have to be ‘well’ enough to use it. So when I get really ill it is of no use. It was the most useful when I was seeing the therapist weekly as then I had to do my homework! But I’ve been using it to face some of the challenges in my new job!

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