Yup, Still Space

I left the house at half nine this morning. Bimbled my way to the cheese farm at Blagdon ( do not, whatever you do,ask how cheese is grown) to meet Old Cakeface (fellow Vag Eileen). I was a little early so I headed towards her house and met her on the way. What followed was a fair few miles of “shall we go this way?” and “where are we?” with the occasional “OH! I know this road!” Some of it was sedate, some of it was fast, all of it was windy and chatty.

I gotta say to anyone who fancies it that round this way something odd happens, it doesn’t matter where you go and which direction you take you will eventually realise that all roads lead to Whalton. At about the 40 mile mark with an average of about 13 mph we passed the Kirkley Hall junction and since the conversation had turned to time trialling we decided to ride the club ten route, the first five miles we took it fairly easy but the last 5 Eileen was off like a demon, no mean feat on her miniature bike like. Working it out I reckon we got round the course in 39 minutes and our overall average lifted to about 13.5 mph, not bad without a number on yer back and I’m sure if she does what she threatens and enters it Thursday she’ll have a very cool first time. (see, it’s public now, no pulling out).

A couple of cuppas at Anna’s and even more chat and we headed back out of Ponteland, Cakeface stayed with me till the Saltwick junction where she turned back and I carried straight on towards the Gubeon. That was hard work, alone and in the wind my legs felt shot, I thought I’d overdone it and I didn’t mind one bit that my average speed had dropped, it was worth it to be out of my home and feeling so good, I could have happily ambled home and not felt the worse for it. It was not to be, turning right at the Gubeon onto the busy Morpeth road I started to pick up, there’s something about riding in busy traffic that carries you along and away with it. I was sprinting with all my heart and soul all the way through Morpeth, all along the Stakeford road where I peaked at around 28 mph and my legs kept spinning in a haze of shiny torture till hitting the Co-op at Stakeford where a tinkle noise occurred.. Sweary words and a stop to put the chain back on. Ok so it disturbed the rhythm a bit and I didn’t manage to hare along in quite the same manner but still my heart was in it. I feel through the door on wobbly legs and shaking hands absolutely ravenous, never has blackcurrant squash and a tuna sandwich been soo tasty. I am the thing on the sofa now with that lovely feeling of complete exhaustion, I’m smiling about it too.

If I hadn’t had Cakeface to meet I probably wouldn’t have stepped outside my gates today, how glad I am that I did I don’t feel half as bad as I have been. This is why you need good friends. I’m very proud of what we both achieved today .

74.24 miles over 5.23.33 miles at an average of 13.7. That’ll do me like.

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6 Comments on “Yup, Still Space”

  1. mark K Says:

    Well done both of you. I managed 6 mile round trip to Ash for my oboe lesson. Bike is working grand sp taking it easy for Sat.

  2. “Haze of shiny torture” I like it and will use in my blog as soon as possible… 🙂

    Top effort mate! 🙂

  3. Redbike Says:

    Wow, another BIG ride.
    I love the nickname Cakeface!

    • notthewowy Says:

      All my favourite people have nicknames 🙂 the Older riders in our club refer to them selves as the SOGs (sad old gits, or silly, or stupid or something)

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