One Cyclone Coming Up.

It’s the Northern Rock Cyclone tomorrow

I signed up a very long time ago for the 64 miler. One of my friends (Suzy Gonzales) has just text me and said “Those distances are childs play to you”. Sorry Sue, just not so. They are always hard work.

I am so excited. Like a kid at the co-op doors at 6:50 with a tenner. All the same, 64 miles will not be easy, especially with the odd nasty bit of up in the mix. Oh well, I’m in it for the laughs so don’t expect to see me flying ok?

Anyone who is signed up and fancies joining me is more than welcome, I’m off to register tonight. I’m so looking forward to watching the racing too. How about I let you know how it goes eh?

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10 Comments on “One Cyclone Coming Up.”

  1. Redbike Says:

    From the burb..
    “This ride is for [b]semi serious cyclists[/b]” or those who want a challenge.”

    I’m not sure you can remain 3rd in the #100 challange and only be semi serious. 😉

  2. Redbike Says:

    Best of luck.

  3. Is this chat just for high mileage cyclists or can any old lazy fat bastard join in?

    Good luck tomorrow BTW… 😉

  4. TMWB Says:

    Ure breeze it mate

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