A Rookie Mistake

Today Cakeface and I had planned a couple of laps of the club 10 Route link here but Things didn’t go quite according to plan. In fact it looked more like this anyway, that’s not the point as a great time was had by both of us.

It’s important to this post to tell you about my womanly saddle problems, end result is that I only have one saddle that does’t force my crotch to burst into flames. Problem is that I have two bikes. The solution? lift out the seat post and plonk it into whichever bike I need to ride. The HC did it for me this morning and at half nine I set off to meet Cakeface at Blagdon. Hmm, the seat feels a little high, oh well, I’ll suck it and see.

Meeting Eileen we kind of did the thing of ooh, lets…. lets go see the the Barnesbury 10 courses, lets go to the Three Horseshoes for lunch, lets forget that the seat is still a tiny bit too high. Having ridden 70 odd hard miles on Thursday and 70 odd very hard miles on Saturday I put the lack of cycleability down to dead legs, understandably so, which was less fun than fresh legs but because I thought I understood why I was content to pootle along chatting.

Some 40 miles on we arrived at Ands house for a cuppa and to see if he was coming out to play. Nope, this seat’s just that few millimetres too high, I know, while I’m here I’ll drop it. Yup, I’m a fool. The difference was immediate and profound but too late, I was done. Getting to Pont where we had finally decided to ride round the club 10 and I made the sensible decision to cut my losses at 55 miles and trundle slowly and happily home,  which is exactly what happened. Today was not the day for setting a new distance personal best although over 215 miles in 3 rides across 5 days is unusual even for me.

Thanks to And and EileenCakeface for a pleasant and leisurely day.

OH, on a completely unrelated note I found out that the Junior Cyclist is to receive an award from his school for being a learner of the year! What a clever clever boy.

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8 Comments on “A Rookie Mistake”

  1. Allen Armstrong Says:

    No wonder I hardly recognised you when we crossed it was the
    look of agony on your face

  2. trio25 Says:

    That is so the sort of thing I would do!

    But wow fantastic mileage!

  3. Forget all this bikecycle riding stuff – well done your boy! Top lad. 🙂

  4. Congrats to junior! 🙂

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