Undithered and Hurting. I'm Still Smiling.

I undithered and toddled off to time trial.
Pulled up to the start, clipped in and looked down. I’m in the wrong gear….oh flip. Oh well, too late now and off I shot, badly. Somehow in those first few seconds I felt a pain in my right thigh… Oh I hope thats gonna pass, nope it’s really not. That’s right folks, I just rode a ten mile time trial in pain. All that was going through my head was “you will get round, gotta get round, you are not having a DNF, it’s ok you will get round, this is gonna be a shit time, just get round OUch OUch Ouch” I shuffled, I fidgeted, I stretched stuff with no effect. I got round, I didn’t abandon. I was so right. 35.04 was not the time I was aiming for. It really was my own stupid fault though so I have no-one to blame except me. Still, I had a pretty rapid mental shrug here, you live you learn and I’ve learned that lesson now.

There’s heat coming from my right thigh now and it hurts like hell so the June 100 riders (June 100 leaderboard here ) can have a bonus two days to knock me down from third position. That’s right guys, I’m gonna be annoyingly sensible and take two days off to rest it.

I guess though that all things considered 30 seconds slower than my last time I ok with me. If I can keep my time much of a muchness with that kinda pain then I’m going to choose to be proud of that.

Thanks Owld Cakeface for the support I’ll be there in spirit to return the favour tomorrow though.

Now, do I attempt a 25 next? 😉

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3 Comments on “Undithered and Hurting. I'm Still Smiling.”

  1. Top marks, bird. I never pedal hard enough to make things go “ping” in my legs.

  2. Speed challenge?! Count me out, I’m built for comfort not speed…

    Hope the leg gets better soon matey…

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