Tomorrows Challenge

Is getting out of bed. I have not had the best day. I’ve been saddened by someones actions and there isn’t much I can do about it but I will not break. Bigger people have tried harder and for longer and they too have failed. I have opted to deal with this in as adult a way as possible. I’m opening a bottle of wine. 70 miles with a hangover? I’m game if you are..

I really hope this person just removes themself from my life as quickly and painlessly as possible.  See you all tomorrow eh?

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6 Comments on “Tomorrows Challenge”

  1. Jobysp Says:

    Not the best way to break up with your fella – but hey ho – better out than in 😉

  2. trio25 Says:

    Hugs. Don’t let one person get you down!

  3. Pah, human beings, crap design…

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