Give The Man What He Wants

In response to a gentle shove I’m writing this now. After a fairly tough week emotionally, I’ve found myself drawn to my family. Closed in against the cackflinging its been illustrated again just how lucky I am to have this amazing husband and father and how proud we are to have raised such a spanking young man.

Anyway, never has it been made clearer that there is a correlation between your state of mind and the state of your body. Usually I’m a lady who recuperates rapidly but after that battering I found myself all over achey and any motivation to get on my bike got up and went. Now, there’s two ways that can go. Usually I force myself but this time I didn’t. If I ached and I couldn’t be bothered then why not just not? It’s a scary premise for sure. Inertia is my greatest fear but I did it.

This morning I woke up and started to feel the itch to get kitted up and go outside right now and pedal. I didn’t though as the housework called and I want to see how I handle a Saturday on fresh legs for a change. I don’t know if the time off will help or hinder but I’m willing to find out.

Thankyou to everyone who has been here for me and lent an ear. I’m mostly back to me now and it’s mostly thanks to you.

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8 Comments on “Give The Man What He Wants”

  1. Joby Says:

    The time off will help for sure – always helps me 🙂

    And finally – a new post on a new blog!!

  2. A rest is as good as a rest, they say. Possibly. I do, anyway.

    Looking forward to seeing the photos of logs. You’ve given me another useless idea for a blog I’d enjoy writing but nobody would read there, but since you made me register “” which I’m not using, I’m not falling for your stupid suggestions again! Oh yes, it was my own mind wasn’t it?

    Ok, bye, love the blog! 🙂

  3. Joby Says:

    Do you really own that?

  4. It’s been nearly a week since I last was on the bike and I have to say it’s done my shoulder the world of good as it has given me some recovery time.

    I’ll be back out tonight or tomorrow though as i’ve left it far too long! 🙂

  5. JobySp Says:

    Oy Phill – answer my question – do you really own that name?

    I want it.

  6. JobySp Says:

    I want that website

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