The Rituals

I always look forward to Saturdays but as I lay in the bath this afternoon with my chicken sandwich… Well, that’s how the best stories start eh?

The Saturday social ride is one of my favourite things. Why else would I ride 16.5 miles each way (thats the short route) Just to meet everyone for a 30 mile ride?

It starts with the Friday night ritual. Go upstairs, find kit, lay kit out on kitchen bench. Go to the shed, get bike, check bike, fly.. (lol, not really the idea just amused me, I don’t fly), Check saddle bag, hunt tools, swear, hunt harder. Put bike in kitchen, sometimes. Fill a bottle with juice, drink bottle, fill another and take it to bed with me.

The Saturday morning ritual, get up, put shorts on, put bra on, put kettle on. Put porrige (I hatez porrige) in microwave…put lenses in, remove bib shorts for the chamois cream, re-dress, check tyres and stand at the gate waiting for the babysitter.

But it’s the after ride ritual that amuses me. Come home knacked and collapse on sofa for ten minutes, be disgusted at the thought of sitting in my own ming, realise I’m starving, thirsty and stinky. Make sandwich and eat in the bath with a bottle of juice. My favourite ritual of all, it’s an all round solution.

I’m marshalling ridiculously early tomorrow and I’m really really knacked so tomorrow I’ll tell you how today went (pretty good actually) late on tomorrow ok?

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11 Comments on “The Rituals”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Sounds a canny ritual, I’ve not been out regular enough to have a ritual, apart from get home and remove cycling shorts and replace with something loose to start with. 🙂

  2. carrie Says:

    It’ll creep up on you and one day soon your whole world will end if you don’t have your lucky latex gloves in your saddle bag..

  3. danny Says:

    I’m doing my ritual now
    Preparing for tomorrows 50
    Thanks for marshalling or there would be no racing
    And give me a shout as I go past
    Cheers danny

  4. Roger Says:

    Cup of tea, bath, fall asleep, not necessarily in that order and not necessarily one at a time! Of course I wasn’t allowed that luxury this afternoon, though I did get more than an hour’s peace and quiet!

  5. JobySp Says:

    Better sitting in your own ming than being able to sit in your own minge.

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