Wednesday Week

Whoof, OK, I’m rocking up late, I admit it. Go on, slap my hand. Now in no kind of sensible order I’m going to ramble at you.

Saturdays ride was a long long day. Really. I set off late and by the time I reached Stannington Andy had panicked about being late and left without me. By then I was frustrated and almost crying because variously my legs didn’t feel like working and my chain wouldn’t stay where it was supposed to be. Add to that frustration I actually saw Andy turn round and leave for Ponteland (he didn’t see me). No way could I catch him but I still had to really really shove my way to Ponteland to make it in time. In times like this I find the fastest route to be straight up Berwick Hill. Whoof did I give it some. Which meant much slowness on the bumpy ride to Kirkharle. Still, the ride back to Ponteland was pleasant, as was the long time spent sitting in the sunshine at Anna’s and then a very leisurely ride home.

Gosh, did I ache, and no Saturday night glass of wine for me either. I’d been asked to marshal a 50 mile time trial on Sunday morning, I really should have found out the start time before agreeing. To make it to Cramlington for a 7 am start I’d have to be up at 5:30. Here began another frustrating 10 very slow and sore miles though with traffic that light I did opt to ride along the spine road for the first time for a fair portion of it.

The Time trial went well though with no arrows and a large roundabout to marshall over 2 laps it did get a little frenetic now and again. Plus, as Andy has pointed out “race brain go DUH”. I was treated to a fair amount of amusement. I shout “straight on/ second exit. look for the marshal” all accompanied by airhostess style wafting. They turn left…. (special congratulations to the Sill family, 2 out of 3 got lost…) (oh, and a special mention to Bob wrong turn Boak who apparently made several wrong turns, including almost riding into me)

Then a hammer home from the HQ at Seaton Burn. This was much easier than the ride out. Shower and a change and out for lunch with the family. The Junior Cyclist asked to go out for Sunday lunch as a reward for winning learner of the year at his school. My mam had filled her paddling pool so the rest of the afternoon was spent sitting on her patio while the kids got soaked, Then I rode straight to work for a hot sweaty busy shift. Yesterday I was soo tired that I sat mostly on the sofa and watched an entire series of Eli Stone. Then bed, and now here I am. HOme from the Boys award ceremony a very very proud mam with a very messy house. Oh well, I’ll get round to it sometime.

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9 Comments on “Wednesday Week”

  1. danny Says:

    Doesn’t say much for my cycling ability
    I didn’t get lost and still came last 🙂

  2. Top son stuff! 🙂

    • carrie Says:

      He is, there was one heck of a pulled all the stops out buffet on too. He ate 2 plates of cake then asked to go back to school for his packed lunch! I’ve already framed his certificate too.

      • Quite right too. Top cake action. Cycling and cake – that’s what it’s all about. Oh and working hard at school, of course. Puts all last week’s bollocks into perspective a bit, no?

        • carrie Says:

          Aye well, some people and all that. I was supposed to be riding tonight but the HC has plans so I guess I’ve managed to come in 100 miles under par as planned, even if I did have to take a week off to do it.

  3. Just found you here after I followed your comment on JB’s site, didn’t advertise this very well did you you naughty girl!???

    Anyhow, well done your lad, and messy house? Please? It contains a family, they’re always messy. Don’t stress about it…

  4. Already done! 🙂

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