Badly Organised Betty

I’m leading the Saturday social ride, that’s this Saturday (Vagabonds Calender Here). Yup, I know that I know where the cafe is and I know that I know where the meeting point is but I also know that I have little clue about that bit in the middle, yannow, connecting the two.

Here’s the plan, Andy (the birthday boy!!!!, three cheers everybody) is gonna come get me and my bike and we are going to scout it. Then we are are going to find a pub and celebrate his birthday, then I’m going to catch a bus home some time tonight. Good plan eh?

Happy birthday And. 😀

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8 Comments on “Badly Organised Betty”

  1. Andy Says:

    Yup sounds like a good plan to me. See you shortly 🙂

  2. PhilR Says:

    Sounds like an excellent way to scout, happy birthday Andy!

  3. “Time spent on recconasance is seldom wasted”. I learnt that in the Army. Good plan!

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