On a Clear Day


They say a picture paints a thousand words so I’m not gonna waffle at you, honest. Yesterday we went for a little scout and thanks to the club sec happened upon a fantastic track. Would you look at that scenery and the smile on my face 😀 Only question is why does my Vags jersey make my boobs look so small? 😦

Then we decamped to the Brandling with maps for a birthday drink. After much pointing and having maps painfully explained to me we found a few interesting options. So Saturday’s going to be a bit of pot luck and a bit of a mystery tour I should think. A weird thing happened on my way home too. The bus I got on didn’t drop off outside my house, so I had to get off at the bus station in town and walk down home. It’s not a massive distance and I’m pretty comfortable wandering round town in the middle of the night but the bus driver bless him said as I alighted “if you can hang on five minutes I live in Bedlington, I’ll give you a lift home in my car” !!! How incredibly sweet! I politely declined but I’m going for charmed rather than creeped out on this one.

Andy has my bike, which is OK, I do have another one, problem is my tools haven’t arrived yet so in my shed is a bike with one wheel. Good excuse to borrow the Household Cyclist Gran Fondo maybe?

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4 Comments on “On a Clear Day”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Ha Ha, let me know how you get on with the Gran Fondo borrowing 😉 Buses have all changed lately and are a nightmare with it being numbers and not just times that have changed. Had to find bus times for Bethany and couldn’t find the bus I wanted cos it no longer exists lol

    Scenery looks great and I’d like to check that out someday 🙂

  2. Nice place! Good luck with the magical mystery tour then. 🙂

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