I Just Couldn't Wait

Today I led the Saturday ride for the second time and what a nice day I had for it. The weather is glorious. There was a decent turn out and we split into 3 groups. One for the fast riders going up to Bolam via Pigdon and two groups going to Bolam via Tranwell and Mitford. Bonus points to Andy who led his first ride (I sprung it on him bless him) for the slightly faster than us group.

Off we set with a nicely sized group with my man champion Dan bringing up the rear for me to make sure no one struggled and Bob Boak at the front with me, boy was I glad for his company, I was on my winter bike and had no computer to check our speed. There was gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery and some fantastic Craic going on. Of course it does have to be said that I managed to take an unplanned shortcut through Molesden, totally my fault. I’m glad I did though because the scenery was great and the road was fantastically quiet.

The stop at Bolam was lovely, we all sat outside and the ride back to Anna’s was sedate with small groups setting off. We sat at Annas for a long while chatting and drinking coffee. I also had the pleasure of a 4 person escort all the way back to Stannington Village. I really enjoyed that and now I’m home, washed, changed and shattered and about to set off for my first of 5 consecutive nights of curry slinging. Christ I hope there’s some coffee left in the kitchen.

Anyway, big thanks to Andy, super Al and Champion Dan for making sure no-one got lost. Huge thanks to Brian & Kath, Andy and John for the escort home. No-one got lost, no one got killed, I call that a win like .

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7 Comments on “I Just Couldn't Wait”

  1. john Says:


    Lots of photos of you why ??

    Thanks again for today i enjoyed myself also thanks for the mention on your blog my name on the internet WOW .


    • Wowy Says:

      Because I’m a narcissist. 😉 way back when… I started a photo journal. Every Saturday we take a photo of me to log the change in weight, size and shape. If you click the “photo journal” tag it should show you all the posts with these pictures in.

  2. PhilR Says:

    Sounds a great day, sadly don’t think I’m going to get out this weekend and have madly said I’ll work my day off next week so no day out for me. Need to make a much more concious effort to try and get out after work but my legs just stop working once I get home and sat down 😀

  3. Well done lass! 🙂

  4. Bob Melrose Says:

    Brilliant day out. Well done to you And the ‘Birthday Boy’

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