Ding Ding

I’ve been covering for the owner of the curry slinging establishment since saturday night. Yup, Saturday was an experience, full day riding, full shift curry slinging. I’m not used to these late nights and I can’t seem to recover.

Anyway… I was thinking, maybe it’s about time I started looking for one of those job things. The household cyclist has the chance of completing a degree. I may be biased but he’s a fantastically talented photographer and he deserves to take this chance, unfortunately this will mean cutting his hours at work and then how will I buy bike bits? Besides, this temporary work, while its a lot of fun and a fantastic learning opportunity, has no stability.

So on the short ride to work and home I’ve been trying out Andys aero bars. We did a swap and I have to say that he’s going to have to fight me if he wants them back.

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10 Comments on “Ding Ding”

  1. I remember someone else using this joke but I like it.

    I love Aero bars, but I prefer Wispa. Budum, tsh!

  2. Joby Says:

    I have some aero bars – they are brilliant.

    • Wowy Says:

      Aye, the ones on my bike are like an “A” shape, And’s are the straight bars so we swapped, I like his better.

  3. Joby Says:

    I have a shaped ones, but will get straight bars eventually – they look much better for a start 🙂

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