An Unexpected Occurrence

Yesterday my little sister ( henceforward to be referred to as “Nut”) phoned me up and said “lets go to Cramlington” Oh yay. I’ve never been a fan of retail therapy. Therapy shouldn’t be so knackering, soul destroying, frustrating and sweaty. I was not expecting to spend money on myself..

We wandered into New Look… ooooh shoes. I love shoes, really really love em. Unfortunately they don’t love me. My ankles are shot from years of cautiouslessness and fally down drunk incidents. then comes that one special moment… Like Homer on a Diamond donut Nut pointed me to these beauties:

Yes, those are my legs. Those are also like 5 inch heels. Instruments of torture this gorgeous?? How unfair..What to do What to do? What I did was wander round a few more shops obsessing about those shoes and trying to deflect the obsession with cheap clothes. I hate clothes shopping, or I used to. Now I don’t have to shop in the Fat lass shop its suddenly more fun. Nothing fits still because of the boobie dilemma (if it fits the boobs its too big everywhere else or vice versa) but what a confidence boost. I didn’t see anything that struck me with the OOh stick though so after a cuppa Nut (yes, she really does answer to that) and I went back to the shop where I performed the most feminine act ever recorded in my life. I picked up the shoes and then said “ooh, I want a dress” much trying on and then I found this: 

Now that’s a girly dress, more girly since its a complete waste of money. Where the hell am I going to wear it?

Anyway, this may not seem like a cycly post but in a roundabout way it is. All of this cycling has paid off. I’ve worked so hard over this last year and now it’s paying dividends. I love my body now, I love its shape, I love that I can shop in high street shops and buy gorgeous clothes. I owe it all to finding the right sport for me and to all the people who never let me give up.

Right, Who’s for cake?

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10 Comments on “An Unexpected Occurrence”

  1. Well done you! Why not splurge a little? As you can tell from all the photos of me on my blog I’m an absolute slave to fashion. So I’m in a position to comment on girly clothes. Err not. Wifey never asks me to comment on her new kit. Ever.

    I prefer what I call “man shopping” with the Spawn of Satan, that’s when we trawl around local bike shops drooling at all the jewellery dripping off all the bikes I can’t afford. I’m especially taken with this at the moment. I fancy a new commuter for the winter. Better than shoes… 😉

    • Wowy Says:

      Bike porn. That’s more like it. I text a friend saying “have you seen my new shoes?” and the reply was “DHBs?”

  2. *switches on male response module* Yes it looks lovely, it really suits you, you’ll look lovely in those.

    Seriously though, well done you! So, did you get some DHBs or not?

  3. Bob Melrose Says:

    Love the shoes. Anyway the reason I am on your blog is that I wanted to tell you to look at page 76 of this weeks Cycling Weekly (Thursday July 8th).

    • Roger Says:

      Woohoo! Famous! I haven’t had my photo in the comic in 20 years of racing, and you manage it in your first year!

    • Wowy Says:

      You mean you aren’t here for my scintillating postings. So people keep telling me. 🙂 in the new development there’s a contact page link at the top from which you can now email me directly. How cool is that !

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