A Plea For Help

Friend Phill kept taking the pee out of me for riding near such places as Cambois, Pigdon and Make-me-rich. So in a fit of bizarreness he went and registered himself the url www.madeupplacenames.com just to take the pee, now I think that url deserves to be used so I’m urging you, nay begging you to please while you’re out on your rides to stop and take a picture with your phone of these very real strangely named town signs and send them to me (contact me for number or email) so we can get the site up and running. The honour of Northumbria is at stake.

Now, anyone going by Tosson this weekend? 😛

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16 Comments on “A Plea For Help”

  1. Roger Says:

    I think that’s one place we’ll all be steering clear of at the moment!

  2. Emma Rush Says:

    I aim one day to have my photo taken in front of the town sign for Twatt. One day.

  3. Mark Kirby Says:

    shitterton in Dorset is a good one

  4. Toby Field Says:

    We don’t have any strange or funny named places here so I reckon you’re making them all up!

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