Il Fait Pleu?

10th July 10


Theres this weeks journal pic, it’s also on the fat journal page

Anyway I’ll leave the ride report till tomorrow. I just wanted to tell you about the ride home. Six miles outta Pont and the skys opened with a large amount of plopping noisiness. Thats fun on the Cheese Farm road. I couldn’t see and yet it was lovely and warm. Do I stop and put my rain jacket on? Nah.. Instead I hammer it home fast as I am able on slippery roads and squelchy shoes. I stopped at my mother in laws to pick the boy up only to find out that he hadn’t ridden across and grandad was going to drive him home, so off my squelchy self went home, NO KEY. I’m a dummy, turn around back to the mother in laws and back home. Now here’s a dilemma; do i remove the squelchy shoes and have a bath or dry the bike? Well the bike won, now I’m off for a bath. I’ll see you tomorrow with the ride report ok?

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5 Comments on “Il Fait Pleu?”

  1. LTMWB Says:

    Sounds like you and your squelchy feet enjoyed the rain, we could do with a spot of rain in Laaaaannnnndaaaann

  2. John Berry Says:

    Ahhh that’s it…look after the bike first…then look after yourself second 🙂

    Sometimes a spot of rain on a ride is very refreshing….

  3. Toby Field Says:

    wet socks are the worst on a ride. if you feet stay dry it’s not that bad no matter how wet you get.

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