A Saturday "easy" Ride.

There was a turn out of over 30 riders yesterday and I remember looking round and seeing a few faces that hadn’t been out in a while. Still, thinking that you’d seen more people of a Satuday morning and then realising that 30 was a big number? Wow. Testament to how brill the Vags are eh? ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, eager to get off this weeks leader had planned a fairly long course, to Bolam Stables via a hilly 26 course (in preparation for his time trial next Sunday)and about 10 of the club went with him. The short group had 20 riders, which is a scary amount when you are at the front trying to look after them. Coming out of Ponteland we stopped and Bob of the Boak, the man who claims to have worse directional blindness than even me bravely offered to take half the group at a reasonable distance behind my 10. Well, it was a short ride and not quite as hilly as Peters, I took the opportunity to try a road that Club Sec Roger had suggested, well road may not be the word since it involved open fields, random sheep, gravel and cattle grids. I loved it! Ok, so you couldn’t ride fast but what an experience! what a way to ride yer bikeย and see something unusual and it came right out at the cafe stop. (Cheers Roger) Although we did give our riders the option of going past the cafe stop and putting in an extra loop surprisingly not many of them took it preferring to sit outside the Stables and shoot the breeze, watching the other riders come in in dribs and drabs. It was quite a sight walking out of the cafe to see all of these cyclists milling around chatting and drinking cuppas. I had to take a photo.

And then it was the back to Anna’s bit. I’m highly amused by my new conclusion that even though nobody admits to knowing where we are going on the way to the cafe everybody knows the way back. We set off in a couple of groups, mine first but soon everybody started picking up speed and Jane (Mrs of the Boak) and I were happily bimbling on at the back of them all, Jane was riding with an injured leg. Turning at Kirkley Hall I spotted a lone cyclist up ahead. I decided to catch him just to check he was ok, He’d not been with us long and I always hated been off the back on my own, even if that wasn’t the case it’d do no harm to say hi eh? My god it was hard work catching that lad I really put my legs into that one. Turns out he’d dropped his pump. So we bimbled into Ponteland just about caught by the ride leader and longstanding member Alan; I hadn’t realised they were behind us. The required lovely cuppa at Anna’s happened next. It’s always a good opportunity to have a chat and a bit laugh but soon I had to head off home.

And and John once again escorted me up Berwick hill to the Cheese Farm turn where they left me. They must have done a rain dance as soon as because the rain suddenly started pelting me with giant heavy bouncy droplets.. I really enjoyed the ride home from there. I always seem to push a lot harder on the ride home sort of falling off the bike at my gate panting. Am I alone in this?

Next week it’s Capheaton, everybodys favourite coffee stop, a regular visit on our calender. I’m becoming really interested in our routes and cafe stops now I’m starting to figure out where I am a lot of the time, Plus ClubSecRoj has kindly let me volunteer to attempt to co-ordinate the Saturday rides.

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17 Comments on “A Saturday "easy" Ride.”

  1. Elaine Dey Says:

    “I took the opportunity to try a road that Club Sec Roger had suggested, well road may not be the word since it involved open fields, random sheep, gravel and cattle grids”.

    Tell me more, which road is this?

  2. Elaine Dey Says:

    I know where it is, I remember riding along there in the snow a few years ago and (Roger will remember him), John Shaw punctured! This is no big surprise as he punctured frequently – usually about twice a week especially in the winter.

    • Wowy Says:

      Fabulous! Roger also said this: “I’ve just found a corker of a road that comes out very near the stable, and I bet only Elaine has ridden down it before” Haha, he knows you too well!!

    • Roger Says:

      I think I was there that day – had forgotten about it until I looked at the map

  3. JobySp Says:

    Thats a lorra cyclists

    • Wowy Says:

      I know. It’s cos the Vags are just that popular! Or they’re waiting for me to fall off so they can point and laff.

  4. PhilR Says:

    Sounds a canny ride and a canny little road, one of these days maybe. I’m still hoping for sunshine and no wind on Tuesday, I don’t want much ๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. Morph Muscle Says:

    Hi! I stumbled on this web site while I was searching a few wellness related terms in Yahoo earlier today. Seeing that I ended up here I decided why not stick around and browse some of your posts… enjoyable stuff. I’m going to be sure to come back down the road some time and get up to date.

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