Mildly Famous Or Not

This week Cycling Weekly featured me!! I’m famous, lol. There’s a photo of And and me (a not very flattering photo I might add) on page 70-something. Simon was at the other end of town yesterday and bought me a copy. As I was sat at one of those interminable children’s parties at one of the acoustically horrific indoor playgrounds I decided to plug my headphones in and have a read. Here I happened upon page 64, 15 mistakes to avoid. It contained such stuff as “not being patient” guilty. “not keeping track of your progress” been guilty. “not stretching” Well I’m not sure exactly how to do that so that’s something I’m going to research.

This one I loved no 9 “Not listening to experienced riders- who have got where they are because they’ve learned all the tricks to make it easier”

My favourite? Don’t avoid the training you don’t like. hee hee, it’s hard to go hill hunting when you hate it but I don’t do that one anymore either (well, mostly 😉 ).

Anyway, this article was fascinating, and really helpful to me as a noob (ok, semi noob, I think I’ve earned the Semi by now.) A few of the 15 suggestions and the riders tips are things I’ve learned along the way but it makes for interesting reading and a point in the right direction or affirmation of what you believe is never bad. 

So yeah, I’ll take any advice I can get and I’m taking this article to heart. Interestingly Cycling Weekly also have a cyclists forum on their website which I’ve had a look at. Looks interesting;  Cycling Weekly Forum.

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11 Comments on “Mildly Famous Or Not”

  1. sue Says:

    I can help you with the stretching!

  2. sue Says:

    are you around this week? I’m free on Thurs or Fri if you fancy a ride out?

  3. Roger Says:

    Great advice from Sean Kelly on his Tour de France commentary on Saturday. Reader’s email asking how to keep sweat out of your eyes. Kelly’s answer – slow down!

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