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Is this a co-incidence? Yesterday I told you about having motivational problems. Today I’m sitting here with ants in my pants at the thought of the new washing machine turning up late because I’ve planned to go on a ride with PhilR of fame. If I hadn’t bothered to say hi to a far more experienced cyclist yesterday maybe it wouldn’t have been brought home to me how much everyone else struggles just like me sometimes and maybe I wouldn’t have this renewal going on.

And then last night a fellow blogger was professing to some frustration over her weight/size loss and was asking for advice. My weight has been stable for 6 months now and even though my size is steadily dropping my focus is moving forward through the winter. I’d like to get that dropping again as next season I’d love to try a few more time trials and I definitely want to conquer a few serious ups. I’m lucky because I know how to do it but the motivation has been lacking slightly of late. So those of you on the new life, smaller bum train you aren’t alone. Everybody struggles now and again, it’s a long game and the best way to win is to forgive yourself, take all the support you can get and admit that we can’t be all on all of the time (this is my personal failing like). I’m going to give it my all now.. lets go.

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