Hi Hank

Todays route: Well I’d like to embed it but it’s not playing ball, lets try again.
A ride mapped on 13/07/2010 cos cyclemeter sucks 😦
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In a play to rack up his first leisure miles for the July 150 Phil arrived at mine just as the delivery men left. We followed my usual saturday route to Anna’s at Ponteland mostly. Coming out of Ponteland on the Kirkley Hall road I crept up behind a lone cyclist. This guy was really nice and told me he’d only just returned to cycling. He very kindly accompanied us to Belsay chatting all the while, what a thoroughly nice man I thought. He carried on to Capheaton ( I think) while we turned up the A696 for a repeat of Saturdays ride to the stables this time sans punctures. From here we turned past the tea shed along to Whalton, Shilvington, Mitford Steads, Morpeth and home via the Whorral Bank. Oof, the wind had picked up on the turn for home and I am rather surprised at what a strong cyclist Phil is every time I checked he was right behind me (hee hee, smart man, sucking my wheel 😉 ) It’s true, if you wanna get paid for being fit be a postman! Cheers for the ride Phil, hope it’s the first of a few.

I tried out a different GPS app too today, for the second time. I am not impressed. The thing I liked about it was that it records and shows your speed over each mile of the journey. Unfortunately that data is useless if the app doesn’t auto stop and loses signal for a full third of your journey. I wont be using it again but Phil has suggested a new one to me. I’m going to try that. Don’t get me wrong, I like mapmyride but it doesn’t have everything.

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3 Comments on “Hi Hank”

  1. PhilR Says:

    An excellent day, think I surprised myself to be honest, hills PAH! 😉 ‘Sucking your wheel’, nice, but the safest place to be so I didn’t get lost 😀 You’ll have to let me know if Hank turns up to one of the Vags rides.
    If my legs don’t work on delivery tomorrow I’m blaming you 😉

  2. Wowy Says:

    Blame anyone you like. I’m having pizza….. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

  3. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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