You Know What Thought Did

I got on the scales this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks. four pound up. How?? How?? I’m the same size, my clothes feel the same. oh well, maybe that’s my shove eh?

There was a small twitter discussion this morning regarding porrige. In my opinion its rather like marmite and I am firmly in the YACK camp, Always have been no matter how hard I try to like it.

I do believe when it comes to eating clean you have to start as you mean to go on. I have to plan my breakfast in advance because I am totally incapable of coherent thought first thing, I wasted a bowl of the Boys porrige this morning because I poured rose on it instead of milk…

Right, my point, I know I left it here somewhere. OH yeah! Quinoa.. I usually prepare a few days worth of polenta gruel and keep it in the fridge but due to the porrige situation going on I fancied a change so I chucked some quinoa, water, honey, seeds, nuts and dried fruit into a pan and simmered it for a while, chucked a couple star anise in and a vanilla pod. Usually I prefer a savoury breakfast but I’m rather looking forward to the morning now.

Anyway, the sorting out of the eating and the drive to weigh less has really been playing on my mind (You are right Andy, I do obsess). I want to set myself up for success and add to those little tricks I already have up my sleeve. I remember some random article where a journalist took photos of their meals to see if it helped. It might, it might not but I’m going to give it a try for a few days anyway. I have nothing to lose and it gives me an excuse to play with my phone πŸ˜‰

Tomorrows quinoa breakfast:

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19 Comments on “You Know What Thought Did”

  1. Porridge rocks. Fact.

    But the point is that you’re eating well, even it’s weird tree-hugging stuff with brown bits in it. This must be a Good Thing.

    What’s rose?

    • Wowy Says:

      If its in rocks then you’re doing it wrong… tree hugging? the staple food of a nation cannot be considered tree hugging like, it must do some food miles too.

      I poured wine on his porridge, just CBA’d to find the accent. No I didn’t drink it, yes it went in the bin.

      Just remember, I can edit your comments πŸ˜›

  2. I’m with Phill. Not physically, but on the porridge side. I just hope that you photo of tomorrow’s breakfast is a poor replication of what it actually looks like. And someone’s dropped some twigs in too – pick those out before you do yourself an injury.

  3. cakeface Says:

    Tell me about it, I did a marathon and put on half a stone!

  4. LTMWB Says:

    Sorry Carrie your in a majority of one, I love porridge before my accident I was eating porridge every day for breakfast, but after I couldn’t” stir my porridge” I tried that instant shit yes it is crap but now I can “stir my porridge” again I am very satisfied but knackered with all that porridge stirring

    • Wowy Says:

      Don’t be sorry. I have my own ways of eating. πŸ™‚ I’m not sure why this one meal of the day has such specific food like. But it’s still YACK

  5. Joby Says:

    I don’t like porridge.
    Reminds me of sick.

    Thankyou and goodnight.

  6. Emma Rush Says:

    Porridge reminds me of people eating it and then bits of it hanging out of their mouths.

    It’s the consistency I can’t do. Wish I could I love the taste of oats. Eg. Flapjack.

  7. JobySp Says:

    I am sat on the train and the womans face who’s sat next to me reminds me of porridge.

    Dunno what it is – it’s eiher the lumpy consistency, the smell or he big blob of jam in the middle.

  8. Porridge is only good if its made right & its so easy to make it wrong. Never add jam – thats for pussies, always add salt and always always only use oats – not the ready mix cement stuff. Even down to the right shaped bowl to eat it from.

    Heaven knows what that Quinoa is. I’ve heard the name before but thought it was a tropical infection!

    As for weight loss / gain, all you need to remember is that when you get on the scales you are only measuring your weight at that point in time. Your body is an organism which changes constantly as it works. So say you decide to weight yourself every fortnight on a Wednesday and your weights gone up? Chances are that if you had decided to weigh yourself on a Tuesday or a Thursday you’d see your weight had gone down. Its all up in the air really and at best can only show a trend or an average whether you weight over a week, fortnight, monthly etc.

    This is why I weight myself weekly; so that I can see how the trend is going more often than having to wait a whole month between weigh ins & suffer depression because by chance on the day I weighed myself that month my weight had somehow increased.

    (thus endeth the sermon for today)

    • Wowy Says:

      I’m just never a fan. My Mam used to make it with salt. Still yick I’m afraid. Oh well. You can’t have everything eh?

  9. Try reading this American Blogger mate, she does the photoing food thing.

    It is very American, if you know what I mean, but all good! It might help you never know.

    • Wowy Says:

      Cheers, I’ve taken a quick peek and bookmarked it for later. To be honest I just like fuffing around with my phone πŸ˜‰

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