Bluster, Pointing and Dancing To Invisible Music

Sue made it to mine without incident, no small feat when you’re following a SatNav, unpacked her bike and we set off towards Ponteland to marshall at the club 10. Why I decided to follow the coast and head to Cramlington I do not know. I must be stupid. The wind was battering me backwards all the way. We fought our way along the spine road, through Cramlington till we turned at the Snowy Owl hoping for shelter along the usually very quiet Brenkley road. It was busier than usual (probably down to the roadworks) but coming up Berwick Hill was a very special battle. Battered is not the word. Then some Van overtook us and slowed down. I tried to put the hammer down to get behind him but uphill into the wind it took everything I had. Realising that Sue wasn’t right behind me I slowed back down. a few seconds later we hear a rumbling behind us. Whoa, GIANT farmy machine.. that explained the van in front then. Mind you the van driver was one of the most considerate road users I’ve seen, just before the crest they let us pass and turned right and off we went down the hill. The wind was still pretty strong and the descent was slow but now there was just a little rise to the sign on. My god those 18 miles were very very hard. It’s true what I’ve been told then; It never gets easier, all that happens is that you get faster, and some days not even that. It’s also true that you’d have to be nuts to enjoy it so much.

I had the pleasure of marshalling in good company, Young Member Ben assisted while his dad rode. I was glad of his company. YMBen’s a thoroughly nice chap and I made the poor boy stand next to me while I danced to invisible music (keeps me moving, I’m a fidget) and shouted at riders.

Time trial over we rode back to the start to see how And had got on, then turned around and almost retraced our steps, out to Morpeth the direct way, lights on just in case as it was after eight. Straight out to The Gubeon with the wind at our backs, straight through Morpeth, up the Whorral Bank and home at quarter to ten.
just for illustration 16/07/2010
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It was really lovely to see and ride with SuzyGonzales, I really don’t think she realises just how much she’s missed in this club and I’m a little sad that there may not be many more opportuities to do this again.

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