Getting It Over With

There it is and yes, that really is a mix up. All food from saturday morning, except the ones I forgot to photograph, . That would be 3 tracker bars, a couple of cups of coffee, a nice bottle of rose, a bottle of pear cider and the contents of a Graze box. It’s hard work this photographing stuff and what’s happening is that when I remember to photograph it I forget to log it so I may just give up on this one now like.

These things I’ve learned: I eat a load of lentils. Nuts and seeds are good. 4 meals a day is right for me. I drink a load of juice. I eat far more meat than I am comfortable with. I’ve lost 2lb.

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10 Comments on “Getting It Over With”

  1. Dont talk to me about lentils! I had a cracking soup recipe involving red lentils, chopped tomatoes & basil on Saturday so went to Morrisons to get a packet. They’ve decided to stop sellign their own brand which were a) cheap & b) a smallish “just right” sized packet. The smallest packet – the ONLY sized packet I could get was 2 flipping kilos worth at four quid odd!! Thats enough lentils to do me for like 5 flipping years! Or put another way, its enough meals revolving around lentils to make my wife and kids leave me.

    • Wowy Says:

      haha. The Fruiterers next to my house still has the weigh bin thing going on. I buy them buy the tonne. mmmm lentils….

      Why the heck did it mod you?

  2. John Berry Says:

    mmmmmm The cheese, ham and mushrooms on toast look nice πŸ™‚

  3. JobySp Says:

    Crikey. All I had to eat on Saturday was a fry up.

    But am now going to have some strong cheese on toast thanks to your pic – yummy

  4. Hmm, meat, it’s the way forward, I could never be a veggie…

    “How do you like your steak sir?” “Take its horns off and wipe its arse!”

    • Wowy Says:

      I was, for 10 years. I toy with the idea of returning but the thought of pizza ans rare steak makes my mouth water.

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