Stinking Well Gone

I’m in a rotten fettle. That motivation I had found appears to have found a rock to crawl under. The house is a tip, it’s far too wet and warm. I’m sick. Sick as Puck. I have to go see what the inside of a gym looks like shortly and I’m not looking forward to that either. Grrr, Arghhh.

Yes, I’m having pizza for breakfast.

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10 Comments on “Stinking Well Gone”

  1. PhilR Says:

    Yes it’s too wet and warm, I spent the dry part of yesterday de-partying and the wet part wanting to be on my bike. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain any more cos I want to get out, even if just for a couple of miles, I don’t want to go back to work on Friday not having added miles to my total.

    And why the hell you going to a gym, it’s full of hot sweaty people, no fresh air in there to keep you cool šŸ˜‰ And which one you going to?

    • Wowy Says:

      I’m going because I’ve realised that my non cycly muscles are non existant and I want to be prepared for winter. And because my friend is going.

  2. PhilR Says:

    Ah well if there’s 2 of you it’s not so bad. I’ll prepare for winter by buying a bigger coat thanks šŸ˜‰

  3. Nothing better than cold pizza for brekkie šŸ™‚ I remember cycling through northern europe in my early twenties and camping overnight and eating the previous nights left over pizza the next morning. Totally yummy.

    • Wowy Says:

      I loves Pizza. Actually I find leftover takeaway in general is much improved by a night in the fridge and no reheating.

  4. JobySp Says:

    Good luck in the gym.

    Ive recently joined and although dont go as often as I would like – its good to have it there, especially on the non cycling days – of which there has been many recently!

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