This Fat Lass

Went back to the gym today. Did a bit of treadmill, cross trainer and the rowing contraption. Then it quietened down so we spent a bit time figuring out all of the weighty machiney things. That’s what interests me.No point in paying to go excercise and working the same muscles I can work for free is there?

It seems like a well equipped place but out of all of these contraptions one of those ab rollers that everyone has in the garage (everyone except me) hurt the most. Which is good, my legs are good, my arms are pretty good but my middle is still that of a fat lass. Anyone got one of those rolley things they’d like to donate?

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11 Comments on “This Fat Lass”

  1. No rolly things, sorry. My paunch (which gym bunnies will refer to as the “core” like it’s something from Star Wars) is my least favourite feature too. I know what to do, I just can’t be faffed because I don’t like doing “core” exercises. Arms & legs I can cope with: they actually do stuff, but what’s a “core” for? Apart from being the rubbish bit of an apple, or a power source for a fictional space station.

  2. PhilR Says:

    Can they help lift a heavy mailsack?
    We had a few ab-roller type thing, with mat, without mat and other weird stuff, think they got used about once each, we got rid.

  3. I read that too. No matter how much I read, those core muscles never get any better. Damn.

    My old attic was full of discarded gym-type contraptions. I resolved never to buy one again unless I knew properly what it was for. So now I have (1) a bike (2) a treadmill (3) a punchbag. I use (1) regularly, plus (2) and (3) almost never.

  4. I tried to join a gym a couple of years ago but they said they werent covered on insurance for me. After my stomach op some years ago they cut through my abdominal muscles and afaik they have never grown back.

    All I have is a mesh inside to stop me plopping out lol….actually its not “lol” at all but rather depressing becasue no matte how much weight I could lose, Id still have a pot belly.

    • Wowy Says:

      Thats interesting though I can’t see why they weren’t insured for you? I did see a sign on the cross trainer saying it was unsafe to use if you were over 300 kilo. Reason I found that funny? it had “arms” You’d have a job just getting in it at that size.

  5. Stout Says:

    The core is essential for just about everything you do. Unfortunately, that is where a good portion of fat gets deposited and thus covers your muscles. Working your abs individually will actually make it look like you have a larger belly because you can’t spot-decrease your belly fat and thus you will only be building the abs (making them bigger and making the fat on them bulge out more). The -only- way to lose the belly fat is to lose fat in general. On men, you would need a body fat percentage of about 10% before your abs even start showing up.

    Not to say you shouldn’t train your abs… you should… just don’t expect crunches to get rid of the belly fat. 🙂

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